Imran Khan and Bushra Maneka's Picture from their Umrah Are All Over the Social Media!


Imran Khan and Bushra Maneka’s Picture from their Umrah Are All Over the Social Media!


Remember how a few weeks back there were news and rumors of how Imran Khan’s newlywed Bushra Bibi has left Baani Gala? Rumors stated that the wife may not be around because of Imran Khan’s habit of keeping dogs indoors. Well, nobody paid much attention to the rumors and even Khan didn’t comment on them.

While Bushra Bibi indeed seems like the woman who doesn’t wish to do anything with media and limelight, she has been all over the social media recently for her pictures with Imran Khan.

With the general elections wrapped around the corner, Imran Khan is currently in Saudi Arabia, performing Umrah with wife Bushra Maneka.

The News of Imran Khan Going to Saudi Arabia Broke With this Video

Imran Khan was seen walking the land without his shoes and a lot of people speculated why did he do this. It was all because of Islamic reasons – Khan didn’t step on the pious land with his shoes.

Not a lot of people knew Bushra Bibi was also with Imran Khan, till the pictures reached the internet.


And Here’s Some More

And Here’s Bushra Bibi with Noor Bukhari, Who Recently Left the Entertainment Industry and Embraced the Right Path

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All the best prayers for Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi – hope their marriage stays clear of all the political and other sorts of drama and attention.

Congratulations in advance to the couple on performing the Umrah as well. Wishing Imran Khan all the best for the elections!

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