This Video Of Imran Khan Munching On Steaks Is Going Viral And Awaam Ke Hosh Urh Gaye!


The austerity approach of Prime Minister Imran Khan and PTI has always caught a lot of negative traction because Pakistanis, especially the opposition, raise hypocrite notions every now and then.

It started when PTI announced that Imran Khan, as well as the other prominent members of the political party will avoid using security protocol. Eventually, the subtle acts of President Alvi standing at the airport without any heavy load of security and various more were shared on social media with the approach that they will create an example to the awaam on how PTI is abiding by their austerity claims.

Each time, however, these viral pictures have massively backfired.

From the hiking dollar exchange rate to increase in various pricing models of commodities, just like a normal political party in-charge, PTI has received their due share of criticism as well. When it comes to austerity, however, Pakistanis never forget and sometimes, it gets WAY too much.

A Video of Imran Khan Eating Beef Steaks Is Going Viral

And why is it going viral? Because apparently you are not allowed to eat beef if you promise your awaam to live a simple life.

In the video, Imran Khan is sitting with a couple of men, talking about healthy eating and exercises while munching on beef steak.

Here’s the Video In Case You Missed It Out Before

Even the caption of this tweet is hinting on how Imran Khan is living by simplicity just because he is eating a beef steak…

And Here’s More From the Awaam 


Someone Raised a Rather More Important Point…

Kinda strange how people will make a mountain of such a small thing. Khan is just enjoying a decent meal with his friends. Have the PMLN followers forgotten about the lavish dine-in services their party leaders used to carry?

Let’s Give Them a Reminder

Itni bari bari batein nahi bolni chaiye, tanni jee.

So what do you think? Is Imran Khan meeting his claims for offering simplicity or not?

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