Indians Covered 'Karachi' from the Board Karachi Bakery in Bengaluru And This Is Getting Out of Hands -

Indians Covered ‘Karachi’ from the Board Karachi Bakery in Bengaluru And This Is Getting Out of Hands!


They want us banned from the Olympics. They also want us not to participate in the ICC world cup. They want to remove the songs from countrymen from their music channels. They are doing everything in their capacity to hurt us, yet it is not working even the slightest.

The aftermath of the terrorist attack on the Indian men has caused disturbance between India and Pakistan once again as the country blames Pakistan for killing their men. This has resulted as threats of war given by Indian army, politicians, sports personalities and even celebrities.

The relations between India and Pakistan go way back; even before the 1947 where the two countries shared the same piece of land before the partition. Just like Pakistan has certain areas and landmarks which denotes history shared between the two countries, such as Delhi darwaza, India has it too, like the famous Karachi Bakery.

According to news reports, a mob of unidentified people held a protest outside the Hyderabad-based Karachi Bakery in Bengaluru. The mob demanded to change the name of the historic bakery and at that time covered the Karachi part of it by placing a flag over it.

Here’s How It Looked

According to the Manager of Karachi Bakery, No Violence Was Reported

“The mob stayed for about half an hour. They demanded us to change the name. The men claimed to know people in the Army. They thought we were from Pakistan. But we have been using this name for the last 53 years. The owners are Hindus; only the name is Karachi Bakery. To satisfy them, we put up the Indian flag.”

The manager further shared that around 20 to 25 men gathered around the bakery at 8:30 pm and chanted slogans while insisting to change the name of the bakery.

On this Incident, Social Media Is Not Keeping their Voices Down

Yep, There is a Huge Difference!

Further On the Controversy of the Foundation of this Bakery


While it may seem at this moment that the situation is getting out of hands, let’s hope that the two countries manage to mediate the situation by handling the citizens and their sentiments. War is definitely not the answer; while it may seem easy to say this while sitting in your homes, let’s be practical towards this.

On the other hand, businesses and sporting events need to be spared as they were and are not involved in any sort of terrorism.

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