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Iqra Aziz’s Lookalike From Lebanon Admires Her Acting Skills And Sends Love To Pakistan


The thought of having a lookalike is both thrilling and exciting. Doppelgangers tend to woo and excite the public, especially when one throws celebrities in the mix. Recently, Pakistani media industry sweetheart, Iqra Aziz’s lookalike was discovered in Lebanon.

Image: Iqra Aziz Doppelganger/

Nour – The Architect From Lebanon

Nour is an architect and a freelance graphic designer from Beirut who is an exact lookalike of Iqra, from the eyes to adorable smile, in fact, everything, Nour and Iqra look like twin sisters. The resemblance between the two is so uncanny that even Iqra Aziz’s sister took a double take and she later on tweeted

For a minute I thought. but no no this is another beautiful human being guys. Relax”.

Nour’s Message to Pakistan

The story doesn’t end there, Nour noticed all the buzz and was pretty excited to tweet back, as social media stirred with Iqra Aziz and Nour’s uncanny resemblance. Recently in an interview, she mentioned that she overjoyed and humbled over the love and fame she is getting.

“”I googled her and wow, she’s gorgeous, thank you so much for the comparison, you’re too sweet,” she responded.

Later on Nour thanks all in her video and mentions how much she wishes to meet Iqra Aziz, who she thinks has very mind-blowing acting skills and hopes that Iqra is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Here is Nour’s interview:

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