Mahira Khan and Sonam Kapoor's Picture At Cannes Film Festival Is Making People Love Them Even More


Mahira Khan and Sonam Kapoor’s Picture At Cannes Film Festival Is Making People Love Them Even More


The Cannes Film Festival is happening in full swing and the reason why Pakistanis are so hooked on the festival this year is primarily due to Mahira Khan.

Mahira Khan Made a Stunning Appearance At Cannes Festival Last Night

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And Everyone Was Talking About Her!

Uff Zalima!

Very, Very True!

Super Haseen!

While we are talking about how Mahira Khan is slaying at Cannes, we just saw an ultimate friends’ moment at the event!

A Few Days Ago, Mahira Khan Wished Sonam Kapoor the Best Wishes for her Marriage

And Sonam Kapoor Mentioned How She is Super Excited to Hang Out with Mahira Khan at Cannes!

And the Response of Mahira Khan was Equally Welcoming

So at the event, yesterday, Mahira Khan and Sonam Kapoor finally met and it was a cute moment!

Look At How Cutely Sonam Greeted Mahira Khan!

And Everyone Started Talking About It


So well, that happened incredibly and like Sonam said, she would hang out with Mahira and the two did. Great to see the welcoming approach people had towards the Pakistani debutant Mahira Khan. Most importantly, Mahira Khan pretty much continues nailing her appearance at the Cannes festival and it makes us all super proud!


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