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Mahira Khan Diet

Ever Wondered How Mahira Khan Would Look As Mouth-Watering Mithai? This Girl Found Out For All Of Us!


Leave it to a Pakistani to associate anything and everything with food. We are proud foodies and take pride in our traditional dishes like Nehari, Paye, Haleem, Pakistani BBQ, Halwa Puri and so many more. I should stop because being a foodie myself I will list several dishes that will leave you drooling and salivating like I am at the moment. I demand to be served a nice sabzi puri nashta this instant, it’s lunchtime as I write this though but hey anything goes for us Pakistanis. Bas khana chahiye!

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Behold The Best Nashta You Can Ever Have. So Glad I Am A Pakistani

Photo: bombaychowpatty.net

With being a foodie we are also pretty creative and this user on Twitter just proved that. She took pictures of Mahira Khan and added pictures of DESI SWEETS that Mahira’s picture reminded her of and it’s hilarious. Wait, before you read and although Mahira at this point in her career doesn’t need an introduction but just in case you live under a rock- Mahira Khan is a Pakistani film and drama actress that has a fan following around the globe. She is an international star and has worked in India as well with none other than Shahrukh Khan in the movie called Raees.

Appreciation Picture, She Is So Gorgeous!


Oh My God! Garama garam jaleybi ho jaye. 

No idea what this is but I definitely want to try it. 

Laddo! Who doesn’t love a laddo and Mahira on the right always slaying in desi attire.

Wah! Although I am supposed to write about how ridiculously good this match is, but I can’t take my eyes off of the Halwa. 


Why is this mithai so cute?

I would understand anyone not liking any other sweet but Gulab Jamun? Wherever you are, I will find you and I will judge you.

It’s a long thread of foodie goodness! The Original tweet is below.

We Lover Her Too!

So Are We!

Not Gross At All. Laikin thora control banta hai, boss.

Same sister, mine too!

Thanks to this user I am bound to stuff myself with all sorts of mithai today and I hope you all have a sweet end to your day too. Off to the bakery!

Credits: @bananapeppersx3’s creative mind <3 

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