Mahira Khan’s Video of Smoking Again and the Reactions of People Will Make You Fear for Humanity


Aaaaaand here we go again…

Mahira Khan, the most noteworthy actress in the local entertainment spectrum is again heavily censured for smoking a cigarette once again. She was caught smoking in a video that appears to be recorded without her consent and ever since it appeared on social media, it spread like wildfire.

In other news, Mahira Khan was interviewed by BCC during the popular talk show called HARDtalk. Her fans and followers were glued to their screens watching the whole interview. It finished on a high note as Mahira revealed many significant details about her career and life in general.

Source: BBC

However, her interview didn’t become the talk of the town just after the video featuring Mahira smoking appeared everywhere. One can pretty much sum up where the majority’s priorities lie… As usual, Pakistanis on social media are not having it at all. They react as if she’s a wanted outlaw who committed another major crime.

It’s seriously appalling to see how people have reacted and we are just going to leave it here for you…

So, this person has raised a concern over she doing Ramadan segments and show on live television after smoking a cigarette.

Ha ha ha ha

It cannot get any worse than that, seriously!

Finally, someone with a bit of sense…

What in the world? How can someone be that stupid? It really pains to realize!

In other words, people lost it again

Because – hypocrisy and misogyny

Not really a good idea but at least you are not hating on her…

It must be distressing for the celebrity to witness getting bullied by so many people who have to showcase their hypocrisy in every way. One should always abstain from comments reeking of judgment. It’s disgusting and is against our moral values as humans.

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