Maria Wasti’s Vacation Pictures with Her Best Friend are Raising Many Eyebrows

You work, you earn and you take a nice vacation… Isn’t that what many of us do? While many celebrities were getting married, there were a handful of celebrities who were spotted taking a break from their crazy routine at their favorite holiday destination, having a blast with their friends and family! Iqra Aziz was in Thailand with her sister Sidra, Mehwish Hayat was spotted in Dubai with her close friends celebrating her 35th birthday like a queen and Mikaal Zulfiqar was seen vacationing with his family in the US.

Well, just recently, famous Pakistan TV host and actress, Maria Wasti was also spotted vacationing with her bestie, Juni Zeyad. Oh btw, remember that Halloween Party last year where many famous faces were spotted? Well, that was hosted by Juni Zeyad. Anyway, the duo was spotted vacationing in the USA and their pictures together went viral, before they even knew it…

Have a look!




They love the beach! <3

Hey, there!

And the internet showed no mercy…

Tch tch tch…

Aap bhi wonderful. Khush?

Maria Wasti has been in the entertainment industry for a very long time and let’s face it, she an amazing actress. However, speaking of celebrities, the trend of criticizing them on social media has become very popular. This is why some celebrities choose not to go public with their personal lives. Well, that is one way to go about it to save yourselves from the internet trolls.

Jumping to conclusions is very easy. Judging others is very easy. Teaching them haya is very easy. Why did you comment on the picture in the first place?

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