Mathira Khan Just Met A Horrible Road Accident And People Still Don’t Feel Bad For Her!


Where the world is celebrating and welcoming the new year, there are people who’re still struggling to deal with their problems and basically sorting out life. And just like this, Mathira Khan who is commonly known for her controversial photo shoots and ads, her “aur aur aur” too, experienced and unfortunate incident on New Year’s Eve. The very famous VJ of Pakistan, being controversial has gained a massive following on Instagram and people, both love her and hate her.

Speaking of unfortunate events and how they hit us, Mathira Khan just met a horrible road accident in Dubai and the news has created a buzz on social media!

Mathira updated her fans by posting stories on her Instagram stories. As per stories, Mathira was with a friend while they driving on the roads of Dubai. 

The accident took place in Dubai and man, the car looks in a bad shape! But we’re glad that she’s safe!

She also updated her fans about her friend, Sara who was with her during the accident. We’re glad that they’re both safe!

Nevertheless, Mathira wrote a heartfelt message for her friend Sara, and wished her fans a happy new year!

She mentioned that she has 3 fractures on her rib and a dislocated yet she was thankful for being alive and is ready to welcome the new year like a boss! And last but not least, she beautiful ended her note with:

“Trust me health and happiness counts and wealth can’t buy both remember that”

Mathira’s fans are in utter shock whereas, some on the other hand, were being extremely rude and harsh with their comments

This breaks our heart!

We’ve said this and before and we will say it again, how does ridiculing someone on social media who has never intended to hurt you, make you a good human being? How does reminding one of akhirat, secures your akhirat? It’s high time we realize, as humans, that our harsh words can harm people in ways we can never imagine.

This year, let’s change for the better and try not to hurt people. Let’ pray for everyone else and try to spread love and not hate. We need to make this world a better place to live in.

Mathira, you’re a brave woman! Stay strong and keep doing what do best! More power to you and get wells soon!

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