Maya Ali’s Emotional Message To Her Father Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes!


It’s a fact that very father-daughter out there share an enviable bond. The two are practically inseparable, and the love and bond grows stronger with time. It is said that, “Fathers can’t express their feelings out loud.” However, this saying has been proved wrong by every daughter out there. We know how girls share things with their mothers, but there are some who really attached with their fathers and well, it’s the best feeling ever!

However, what can turn your world upside down is realizing you no longer have them by your side. Yes, it is devastating and it is the worst that a child could ever experience. Just like this, famous Pakistani actress and the queen of everyone’s hearts, Maya Ali shared some beautiful words while remembering her deceased father who left the world two years ago.

Here’s what she posted on her Instagram

“Today was the day when you left us Baba 2 years ago, and I am sure you are in a better place… I still remember that call and that moment, and I am still stuck in that moment and will be forever… No one can replace you Baba, people say that time is the biggest healer which heals all your pain, but this is the biggest lie… Every moment, every second I remember you and miss you, I was a part of you and I always will be a part of you…

I wish you would just come once and say “Beta” to me, I wish you could hug me with love just one more time, I wish just one more time I could call you BABA infront of Everyone… I miss you every second with every breath of my life… (Please recite Surah fateha for him and remember him in your prayers).”

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We often think how these TV stars bond with their fathers and well, here you have it. It is indeed heartbreaking and we don’t usually see these stars expressing themselves but then there are a few like Maya Ali who thought of being expressive on her father’s 2nd death anniversary.

Maya, you’re one brave girl. Stay strong and beautiful.

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