Nimerta Chandani's FIR

Nimerta Chandani Case Update: Parents Don’t Trust Courts, Cancel Their FIR!


The failing law-enforcing system in Pakistan is a clear picture of the corruption elements prevailing within the justice agenda. The country courts are filled with pending cases while the culprits involved are roaming free and the oppressed is helpless. Since the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) government took over, the law enforcing agencies are in a depoliticization mode to regain the authoritative importance. The recent case of the medical student Nimerta Chandani is yet another addition in the failing judicial policies.

No FIR to be registered by Nimerta Chandani’s parents!

Among other unjust activities going on in the country, recently another case has been added to the box. Last week, on Monday, a Hindu student Nimerta Chandani doing Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from Chandka Medical College, Larkana was found hanging to a ceiling fan in her hostel room. It is being said that the young student ended her life because of marriage refusal but it’s not confirmed yet. Regarding the case, yesterday, Nimerta’s parents have completely refused to register any First Information Report (FIR) for further investigation of the case.

Among all the protests held countrywide demanding justice for the Hindu student, her parents lose trust over the judicial system!

As per the reports, Nimerta Chandani’s brother and uncles met Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Masood Bangash and stopped him from leading the investigation any further. Since the news of Nimerta Chandani’s slaying came out, the Hindu community of Pakistan is holding protest in many parts of the country demanding justice for the deceased. It’s been more than a week now and the police have not yet found that was it a suicide or a planned activity.

The backstory of the Nimerta Chandani incident!

On 16th September, last week on Monday, Nimerta Chandani was discovered from her hostel room hanging to a ceiling fan. Upon investigating more, it turned out to be a properly plotted execution which was then framed as a suicide. The post mortem reports confirmed the doubts and the local police apprehended two of her close friends Mehran Abro and Ali Shah Memon. Yesterday, Nimerta’s relatives and family had a meeting with SSP Masood Shah and refused to lodge an FIR regarding the case showing a lack of trust in the country’s unfair justice system.

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Soon after the news became public, a roar from the Hindu community was seen demanding fair judgment in the Nimerta Chandani’s case. The internet was filled with consoling posts and the hashtag #JusticeForNimerta got into the trending charts of Twitter. Well, previously, the concerned departments were fully indulged in solving the case but after Nimerta’s parent’s refusal, the strategy might change and either the state itself or the medical college the deceased was affiliated with would lodge the FIR.

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