What Men Notice In Women

Pakistani Men Share What They Notice In A Woman Immediately On Their First Meeting!


In this era, where everything has adapted the high-end advancement criteria, expressing your fondness with someone still holds the difficult level. The already ‘hitched’ couples may not feel the need to show what their partner means to them but all the singles out there are still in the paranoia of unfound love. Every man has his own preferences and choices while finding someone who would cross the hard time bridges with them but in this scenario, the winning percentage is much lower as compared to the fail attempts.

The love factor prevailing in the brown culture and the preferences being observed!

As the desi household expects the men to be the ultimate support, the tired souls try to find some place like home. While searching for the ‘one’, not only men, women also carry some unfilled barriers which they expect someone to fill for them. Well, after the love factor is being normalized among the masses with time, some men shared the immediate things they notice in a woman on seeing them for the first time.

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Talking about their first face-off with a girl, this is how Pakistani men judge women!

1. Looks: On top of the list comes ‘looks’ as it is what comes first for many Pakistani men. How the lady is holding herself and the way she is carrying her makeup, totally calls out for the next meeting to happen or not. If she’s not even able to contain her makeup, then how can I trust her with further commitments?

2. Figure: Among other noticeable things, ‘figure’ is dependant on the men’s personal preference but for some men, it is a primary judging aspect. While some are fine with the chubby side of a woman, the majority wants someone who is a fitness freak and have control over her health and diet and Pakistani men are severely obsessed with a slim physique.

3. Dressing: It seems like a universal fact that men judge women on the basis of their clothes. If the woman is wearing a basic colored shirt and jeans, it’s fine but if she’s wearing some funky bright colored attire then its a total ‘no-call’ for me. A person looks best in simple light-colored clothes and that too should be carried properly.

4. Feet: This might be the grossest thing Pakistani men notice in a woman but unfortunately they do. According to this guy, its a complete turn off for him if the girl has uneven nails, dirty feet and no sense of shoe matching. For him, feet are the primary thing that should be properly treated and maintained.

5. Hair: Serving as the most integral part of anyone’s life, this person’s choices are merely dependant on the girl’s hair. If she has curly hair, then it’s good but a girl with straight hair and still not able to make it right then, sorry, the meeting is over.

6. Scent: Perfumes totally make a good first impression no matter what the gender is. Well, if the one I’m going to meet turns out to be smelling like a raw fish, then I won’t be able to contain it further. But if she’s wearing a good fragrance, then I’m all down for her no without asking anything more.

7. Intellect: After the outer features, now its time to test some intelligence and this man is not slowing down. It is a total turn-on for him if the girl he is meeting is brainy. The more she shows her intelligent side, the more he gets flattered, all other things ae secondary for him.

8. Dirty jokes: In effect to the changing societal thinking, gradually the desi culture is also accepting the difference. As per this person’s demands, the girl should be cracking ‘dirty jokes’ but with humor. As he himself, is a talkative individual, he expects the same from the girl he meets so that the match gets perfect.

9. Height: The usual factor that devastates many initial meetings, this guy says that the girl should be of average height, not too long and not too short. The reason behind is that if we start dating, then the couple should not look a forced match but should provide others with good thin to talk to.

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10. Laugh: A happy face definitely makes the surrounding gracious. This Pakistani man likes girls who laugh freely no matter what the surroundings be because a person who, who doesn’t laugh fully, doesn’t live to the fullest and is not good.

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