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Here Are 9 Reasons Why Pakistani Men Freak Out At The Name Of Marriage!


Time doesn’t wait for anyone and it seems like a lot of the men these days don’t realize this until its too late and they are well into their 30’s single and miserable. Apparently, the mere idea of ‘settling down’ spooks them and instantly an image of a jail cell appears in their minds.

Today’s man wants companionship without any ship that has comfortably anchored itself to safety. Casual flings or long relationships with all the perks is more of their preference than marriage.

men scared of marriage
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What could be the reasons? Is it that the men these days find marriage as a bound-to-fail institution with high divorce rates or is it simply their own inner demons holding them back to bank on something stable and long-term with a single woman? Let’s explore the reasons why men run away from marriage.

1. Financial Stability

Thanks to the toxic culture where men are expected to have six-figure salaries before marriage so they can afford a family makes them delay marriage until they have strong financial standing. It’s a fear and insecurity that has been instilled in men by society; not to mention their salary is a huge talking about during rishta-hunt which makes them even more scared of the embarrassment and rejection.

2. Responsibilities

These men fear the responsibilities that come after marriage. Apparently, they haven’t reached that point of maturity where they want to be held responsible for their wives and children. Marriage isn’t all fun and games, but is actually a great level of commitment that requires both men and women to be responsible adults; some men just lack it and keep running away from marriage.

3. Commitment Issues

Commitment seems like a hassle to these guys who feel like they’d be placed on judging scale where they’d have to give their best, every single time. Some are repulsed by the idea of being ‘stuck’ with one woman their entire lives and would rather have multiple partners; these men if forced into marriage are more likely to cheat on their wives.

4. Standards

These men have a set of check-list of qualities and features they want in their wife and hence, have trouble finding the ‘right woman’ for themselves. Let’s not forget the mothers of Pakistani men; if it is not the guy then it is his mother that wants her bahu to look a certain way and be a certain type. The endless hunt keeps these men from tying the knot.

5. Freedom

These men have conditioned marriage with their loss of freedom to stay out however late they want and do whatever they please. Again, not willing to let go of their bachelor habits and start a beautiful life with a woman. For Pakistani men, it’s the wife that will restrict them and ‘snatch’ away their freedom. They are not willing to let go of that phase.

6. Privacy Issues

Believe it or not, these men are not ready to share their room, bathrooms and well, their lives with a suitable partner. The idea of their wife taking up space in their bedroom and using their bathroom is a nightmare they are not willing to live.

7. Family Barriers

It could be a wide variety of situations, most common being family not accepting the girl they like. So many amazing love-stories fell apart because of families not accepting either the girl or the guy. Or, it could be the financial struggle his family must be facing. With the already existing load of responsibilities that he is trying to fulfill, he doesn’t have the time or energy to invest in his own new chapter that he probably deep down inside eagerly wants to start.

8. Balancing Life and Marriage

For some the thought of juggling work, friends and marriage is a lot of work that they are not cut out for. So they ditch the marriage option and continue living a life free of responsibilities and great companionship.

9. Sexist

This is last and a special mention to a certain group of men who have deep-rooted hate for the female gender and finding a submissive woman who is almost like a slave to them is hard these days; hence they stay single and keep-away from marriage.

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Then there is the generic fear of ending up with a toxic partner since no one looks forward to divorce and dreams of a stable happy married life. Some men are overwhelmed by the fear that keeps them away from the thought of marriage. Do you think we missed anything? Let us know.

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