Pakistani Model Farha Nizam Was Brutally Beaten By Her Boyfriend And She’s Seeking Help!


Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone belonging to any gender, age, and social standing. Abuse takes various forms including psychological, physical, emotional and sexual. It can happen to anyone and at any stage of their lives. In whatever situation, abuse of any kind is never justified, is false, and should be stopped there and then.

Abuse is motivated by one goal only and that is total control over their victim to the point that they dictate what the person can and cannot do with their own lives. It always begins slowly in the form of threats and escalates to physical violence; sometimes to the point that it takes the life of the person.

In Pakistan, women experience such mistreatment by the men quite often that is swept under the rug and never talked about. Since it’s a male-dominant patriarchal system in this country that leave women under their rule and command. The misogynist and sexist mindset leaves them with little to no respect for women. But somehow these same hypocrite men would bring Islam in places that benefit them. They would conveniently skip the parts where not just Allah SWT but Prophet Muhammad S.A.W himself advised the men to treat women with equality, respect, and kindness.

A Pakistani Model Was Brutally Beaten By Her Alleged Boyfriend, Comes Forward With An Appeal

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Farha Nizam released a video where she states the horrific ordeal she experienced and her face can be seen badly bruised. This aspiring model starts off with telling everyone the status of a woman in our country that is close to nothing in the eyes of men since she is vulnerable and fragile. She goes on to explain the incident about how she was with her friends and booked a Careem to home when he tracks her down at gunpoint. He gets her off the cab against her will, beats her repeatedly all the way to his home and the violence escalates in the confines of his room. Sadly, his sisters and mother were equally involved in the entire scenario considering they didn’t even stop him.

‘He Threatened Me To Stay Hush And Sooner Or Later, He Will Kill Me’, Says Farha Nizam

According to Farha’s statements, he was controlling, obsessive and he would ruin her reputation at work so she stops working. A perfect example of how the abuser gains control over their entire life, making them completely dependent on them. He has given her multiple death threats and she, in her video, asked everyone to give her security from this monster.

Aamir Liaquat Interviewed Her And She Was Hesitant To Appear On TV

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She fears for her life and didn’t have the courage to appear on live TV and the only reason she resorted to social media was because of her own sister who supports her. Farha’s sister reminded her that if you do not take a stand after what you went through then there are plenty of women already who silently tolerate abuse from men for years; they too will never find the courage to come forth.

Watch The Entire Interview Here:

This case of domestic abuse and torture is yet to progress and we hope this talented model of Pakistan gets justice and security. These cases are in hundreds if we count the ones that have never been filed and we hope that we create a system that is a safe space for such women so they can come forward with confidence and positive hope.

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