Pakistani Models Come Forward and Apologise to Zara Noor Abbasi For Mocking her Ramp Walk at FPW’18!


Walking on the ramp is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Models have to go through hours of practice and months of experience and not to forget, a strict diet routine. While modeling seems like a somewhat easier task, it really isn’t.

All the attention is on you, you have to flaunt in a particular way the benefits the outfit you are wearing and your profession as well. This is essentially why when a celebrity from a different industry features as a showstopper, they do just one walk to keep things simple.

In This Year’s FPW, A Number of Showstoppers Featured!

Among the list includes Pakistani Actress Zara Noor Abbas

And It Seems Zara Noor Abbas Didn’t Learn the Walk Well Either, But At Least She Gave Something New a Shot and We Love Her For That

Professionally, Zara Noor is an actress and she is pretty good at her job. When she’s trying something new, that doesn’t mean she has to ace it…just like most of the models won’t be able to act onscreen, right?

However, Zara Noor’s Walk Became a Joke by the Pakistani Industry’s Models

In their hotel rooms after the show ended, few of the models, including Areeba Habib gathered and mocked Zara Noor’s Walk and filmed it.

Here’s the video where models were seen mocking Zara Noor’s walk

Disgusted by the behavior presented in this video! It’s sad to see women are the reason behind a woman’s ridicule and lack of progression! It is the sad & bitter truth! Only real Queens 👸🏽 empower each other as the beautiful & humble @thekubism has stated! Not belittling the models as a whole, but just the behavior presented in the video & it’s quite disappointing! The act of mockery is not cool especially if it is malicious! Now we cant speak for if it was built on maliciously or not, but since the topic is bright, let’s not pull others down! The video presented may not have been made with malicious intent, but the intent of fun of games, however on a positive note it does bring the issue itself. Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui is a big name in the industry compared to the female models, (not they are any less, but just through popularity) who is the daughter of the brilliant Asma Abbas, niece of Bushra Ansari, & wife of Asad Siddiqui- however she dealt with the whole issue with such respect & maturity that we are truly in great admiration of Zara, by praising their work, but just disappointed at their behavior! It’s truly sad! We are not pinpointing the models as a whole but just their actions presented in the video. We do know model Areeba Habib has sent out an apology to Zara Noor Abbas, and that the video was meant to be private! However private or not- it makes us realize not to make fun of people in such a way, especially if that action makes them stronger & empowered! We need to look at ourselves before others! Let’s just hope the apology was with good intention & sincerity, & not because it went viral! We love the work all these three models present in the industry! But as always be cautious of your behavior- not only for a public figure but everybody, as your actions can truly hurt somebody! Much more power to Zara Noor Abbas who slayed for @fnkasia at the ramp! Keep shining you beauty! 💕 We are obsessing over Ursala in Khamoshi! 😊😗❤ @zaranoorabbas.official

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And Look at Zara’s Response On This

She handled the criticism EXTREMELY well. She sent a subtle message that shows how much she believes in empowering one another rather than making fun of one another.

Hey Dear Stunning Models!! You girls look amazing in this video and thank you for making me learn a few things about the world. Now i cant complain why women in the world have to fight so much for gender equality. That is because women don’t build women. They bash at eachother like this. It’s so sad. So so sad for all the people who are trying to empower women. They don’t know that it is the women who dont let eachother grow. I am an Actor, not a model. I cant even imagine to be a model. It is so effortlessly amazing and tiring at the same time. But as an entertainer, it is my job to entertain my audiences. And thats what i did with my walk which was based on the theme of a warrior princess thus the belt and the boots were incorporated in my outfit. That is why designers choose actors as showstoppers for their walks. To add more drama. Some liked it, some didn’t. My designer was happy and so was i. But anyway, all the best for tonight. Run the world, Girls!!

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One of the Models Featuring in the Video, Areeba Habib Then Issued an Apology to Zara Noor Abbas!

I would like to offer a formal apology to in the wake of the catwalk video incident, which includes myself and my colleagues, Farwa and Javeria. Also, I take full responsibility for uploading the video, and my colleagues had nothing to do with it.

I would like to offer a formal apology to in the wake of the catwalk video incident, which includes myself and my colleagues, Farwa and Javeria. Also, I take full responsibility for uploading the video, and my colleagues had nothing to do with it. The video shows a couple of girls – friends, colleagues – having their own fun in their own time and space, at the conclusion of a long day at work, something that all normal people are allowed to do but I accept that it should not have been done at someone else’s expense, especially publically. Given that the video was private, yet again, I stand by my stance: we respect all women and their craft very much. It seems like this incident has in fact been blown out of proportion by the third parties involved which is why I thought it would be best to take this chance to apologize for any inconvenience that this video may have caused to #ZaraNoorAbbas and bring all this to an end.

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Zara Noor Abbas has yet to acknowledge to Areeba’s apology but looks like the dust may settle, given how nicely Zara handled the concern and Areeba took full responsibility.

Women do need to come forward and empower one another rather than pushing each other down. Good job, ladies!

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