PTV Legend Ishrat Fatima, Tamgha-e-Imtiaz Winner, Reads A News Report That Is Making Pakistanis Nostalgic

PTV Legend Ishrat Fatima, Tamgha-e-Imtiaz Winner, Reads A News Report That Is Making Pakistanis Nostalgic!


For years, Ishrat Fatima was the face of the PTV news which used to year back in day. Her calm, mesmerizing tone would even make you feel relaxed about a tensed situation. Youngsters grew up watching Ishrat Fatima on their television sets with their parents and grandparents. Life was good then.

Just recently, we got to see Ishrat Fatima once again and all for the good reasons. The TV anchor was awarded the Pride of Performance award on this year’s Pakistan Day. The historical event which confers military and civil awards to various personalities for their efforts and contribution in their respective fields was held on 23rd March at Aiwan-e-Sadr, Islamabad.

Among Various Individuals, Ishrat Fatima Received the Award for her Contributions as PTV’s Newscaster

The same grace, that dupatta style. Ah, memories!

What a Proud Moment!

After winning this prestigious award, Ishrat Fatima appeared at a morning show of HUM News and guess what happened – she was asked to read a couple of lines related to a news and she reminded us of how calm news reporting was back in the day.

Here’s the Video of Ishrat Fatima Reading Lines as a News Reporter at a Morning Show!

The host Shiffa Yousafzai was super mesmerized and we could all see why.

“What happened when I requested to read news for us live? I was mesmerised ? A must watch !!” 

This Is Literally All Of Us Right Now!

I Swear!

The modern day news is all about TRP, sensationalism and screaming. The calmness in the tone and body language of Ishrat Fatima is something missing in all our modern-day anchors.



Ishrat Fatima used to cover 9 pm bulletin and yes, that was the time when most of the kids had to go to bed. <3


Maybe anchors like Ishrat Fatima need to give training to today’s lot so they can bring back the same essence which is extremely graceful.

Congratulations to Ishrat Fatima once again for winning the pride of Pakistan honor. It is indeed a really proud moment that has taken us all back in the time we cherished so much, and dearly miss.


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