Qamar Zaman Kaira Finally Opens Up About His Son’s Untimely Death And It Is Heartbreaking!


Just a few days ago, the news of Qamar Zaman Kaira’s son passing away in a road accident broke the internet and for all the right reasons. The untimely death of Qamar Zaman’s son was heartbreaking and everyone on was surprised. Kaira was handling a press conference when a news reporter broke the news to him. Kaira instantly left the conference and a few minuted later shared the validation of the news on his Twitter.

Pakistani Politicians Kept their Interests Aside and Stood Aside Kaira in this Hard Time


The PPP politician shared the news of his son’s funeral on his official Twitter handle as well.

The janaza of Kaira’s son took place and he revealed what it felt like burying his young son. Throughout the tweets people were making at that time, every sane and human individual felt the pain of witnessing the sudden death of their own child. For Kaira, it might have been hell, but the man remained composed throughout the time he was addressing the media.

Jawan ulaad ka janaza uthana kitna mushkil hota hai, ab uska ehsaas hua hai,” Kaira said while addressing the media and loved ones who attended the janaza.

Kaira further added that his son was a guest of Allah who was here to visit him and his family and now he is back to the Almighty. “Allah unki manzalay asaan kare aur sabr de,”

Kaira thanked his friends and media for all the prayers they’ve made. While his son may not return, he thanked all those who came and helped him ease the pain.

Qamar Zaman Kaira then said that he had no idea how one small moment can lead to immense pain in his life.

Here’s Kaira’s Full Address to the Media:

Indeed, this is a painful time for the family and only they can understand what they are going through. May Allah bless the family with sabr and ease, Ameen.

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