Model Rabia Butt Was Called "Ghareebon Ki Angelina Jolie" And Her Response Was Extremely Savage!


Model Rabia Butt Was Called "Ghareebon Ki Angelina Jolie" And Her Response Was Extremely Savage! - Parhlo

Model Rabia Butt Was Called “Ghareebon Ki Angelina Jolie” And Her Response Was Extremely Savage!


Celebs go through this daily, just think about it. They’re online constantly, they have millions of people praising and criticizing them daily, and most of them won’t suffer fools. Whether they’re clapping back at insults, or slinging their own, they’re A-list trolls.

You don’t even have to be a fan of most mega-famous celebrities in order to appreciate their sharp responses and quick-witted lampoons online

Social media is the easiest way of communicating these days and people all over the world to share their life happenings in posts, videos, and tweets with others. Although,  it is not obvious that every post will get a good response.

Celebrities are usually on the radar of trolls and it gets very hard for them to avoid massive criticism. Several times the stars tend to ignore such comments but sometimes, it’s also necessary to school these people for spreading hate online.

Getting bashed on social media is a common trend now and people now find it fun while they seemingly abuse or bully others!

Celebrities fall prey to this trend. Seldom, the trolls get ignored by the celebrities, at other times they are slammed.

Pakistani social media users are often subjected to trolling, be it due to one’s political preferences or someone with too much free time on their hands.

We have witnessed many leading stars like  Mahira Khan, Iqra Aziz, Hania Amir and many more getting trolled by the social media users.

Twitter had Mahira Khan on its radar last year after her photo was leaked with Ranbir Kapoor in which she was seen smoking. Plenty of such incidents are witnessed on social media on a daily basis which is just sad!

Seldom with Sonya Hussyn and others with Mehwish Hayat, all the celebs are under high scrutiny.

Recently Pakistani model, Rabia Butt who is pro in lashing out on trolls shut a troll up after he wrote ‘Gareebon ki Angelina Golie‘ commenting on Butt’s recent shoot.

After this, Rabia Butt showed the troller his place by saying:

Rabia responded as “Asi ghareeb tae tuaday karon tail dae pipe direct shaikhan tikar janday nay Jivein. Gallan suno chawalan diyan.”

which means: “As soon as possible, you will not be able to fly directly to the pipe directly from the ship. Don’t bother to the loose talk of this insane. ”

Some people also shared their take on Rabia Butt’s post, the post had received around 107 reactions and around 1000 likes which means Rabia knows how to defend herself.

Let’s have a look at some of the comments.

One user wrote, “HAHAHA !! more power to you.”

Another user mentioned, “Hahaha  I need this kinda trolling for haters.”

This user wrote, “hahaha… loved that ..  well done Rabia!”

Below user wrote “Everything aside very thankful to her for this tweet, was having a bad day but this made me laugh really bad”

Celebs always go through one or the other issue on a daily basis and this is how we believe the situations should be handled! What’s your take on this?





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