Ramiz Raja Wants The Awaam To Not Complain About ‘Mehngai’ And Ameer Log Tou Yahi Kahenge!


It has been 8 to 9 months since government came into reign and people are still restless. The country is going through an economic plunge; taxes are high, petrol prices are hiking and conclusively, we are in an economic crunch. The recent cabinet shuffle of PTI’s government is a proof that things may take more time than one expected.

However, the outrage on PTI’s reforms and actions is outrageous. Every now and then, there is massive outburst on social media regarding the economic and social aspects. The political shows are no different. Hosts and previous government officials comment and mock prime minister Imran Khan and his government for the drastic measures they’ve taken, causing these economic plunges.

Recently, Ramiz Raja Shared his Two Cents On this Entire Fiasco Of People Complaining

So Ramiz Raja thinks that people should not complain about the current economic conditions of Pakistan because it was the locals who voted for the wrong parties in the first place. According to multiple Economists, the previous governments artificially bumped the dollar, which in the long term left a negative impact on the country, which Pakistan is currently facing.

With regards to this, Ramiz Raja thinks we should stop complaining and suffer, right?

Here’s what he tweeted:

What’s gone wrong with our tv political shows and anchors? They have lost it-showcasing opposition’s morbid views who on their watch had fucked up Pakistan. If public is feeling the “price pang”it bloody well deserves it for voting them in power for 10 yrs.#horchuppo

And This, Rightfully So, Caused An Outrage on Social Media


Low Blow Indeed

But Many Were In Favor of Raja’s Tweet As Well

Journalists Attacked Ramiz Raja For his Tweet As Well

Given the Outrage, Ramiz Raja Clarified Himself Today With Another Tweet

The former cricketer shared that he has all the right in the world to comment on politics as he is a citizen of this country as well. On the other hand, as a sports commentator, he feels he can very much shed light on how the job needs to be done in an ethical manner.

As a citizen think I can have an opinion on anything &verything including politics. Also with 22 yrs of international tv experience I can comment on the state of TV channels & shows. Political shows are mostly negative, agenda driven, lacking solid editorial & political intellect

So what do you think, was this tweet and the analysis on the situation really needed? Share your views in the comments!

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