This Girl Narrated Rape Tragedies of Children and They Will Surely Break Your Heart


Since the news of Zainab’s kidnapping, rape and murder broke, the entire nation is shaken. It indeed was a wakeup call for the masses – for days, the trend #JusticeForZainab remains on top, only for the politicians in power of the country to take some stern actions regarding the matter.

Zainab, unfortunately, is not the only young girl who had to go through something as horrible as this incident that shocked the entire nation. Rape cases reported in Kasur were countless. But that’s just one part of Pakistan. The facts prove how many children, both men and mostly women have assaulted, raped and murdered.

However, there are many cases where children were raped at a young age, left with internal injuries and there is nothing they can do about it.

In the Light of Zainab’s Tragedy, Fatima Sheerin, a Young Doctor Took it on Social Media And Shared Two Heartbreaking Stories!

These stories are just a small percentage of what rape victims go through.

Here’s How She Starts Sharing the Incidents

The first one is a 4-year-old girl…just FOUR years old!

Oh, God…

Breaks the Heart

And it Doesn’t End Here

Fatima shared another incident with a 10-year-old girl

Oh, My God!

Of Course, Makes Sense!

It breaks one’s heart to see the pain these young girls go through because vultures fail to keep it in their pants.

Rape is a horrible crime that has no forgiveness in the light of Islam. It is about time that our society, our government take serious actions against this vile crime.

May Allah protect us all but most importantly, may Allah protect the future of these young girls and give punishment to those men who ruined their childhood.

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