Reham Khan Embarassess Herself Yet Again Takes A Childish Dig At PM Imran Khan!


Reham Khan Tweets about Imran Khan

Reham Khan Embarassess Herself Yet Again Takes A Childish Dig At PM Imran Khan!


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s second marriage to journalist Reham Khan ended on a bad note. What followed next was a series of allegations, accusations, and drama instigated by Reham alone, to drag Imran’s reputation through the dirt. She went as far as releasing an entire book supposedly ‘exposing’ the premier and disclosed some shocking details. Fast forward to current times, Reham is still taking low shots at Imran on Twitter.

Childish and unnecessary is one way to define Reham’s Tweet against Imran.

The tweet cannot possibly be written by a grown mature woman and a journalist at that. Reham continues to bring shame on to herself with most of her online content aimed at Imran alone; from Tweets to video statements even. It has gone from outrageous to just sad. Recently, she criticized Imran over his spectacular speech and stance on occupied-Kashmir at UNGA whilst conveniently siding with the opposition parties.

Her personal vendetta against Imran has gone too far to the point that Rehamn has made a joke out of herself. It has now become embarrassing to see and hear the kind of arguments she comes up with in hopes to sway people into believing her lies. The majority of the citizens have now started branding her as the ‘jealous ex-wife’ who hasn’t moved on and is now simply bitter about the whole experience.

For Pakistanis, her Tweets against her former husband have become a source of pity!

The inevitable ‘can’t-get-over-ex’ tweets!

A bit of great advice from a woman to another woman; move-on and do great things.

Exactly! Reham can use her platform, reach and career to bring a change in this country. However, she seems to have an agenda that brings her back to Imran Khan, either way.

Sadly, with her repeated futile efforts towards ruining Imran’s reputation have backfired. She reduced herself when she could have taken a different route and channel her enmity with the Prime Minister into something productive and worthy. Hopefully, she will find the closure she needs and move on to greater things in her life.

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