See How Rejecting a Marriage Proposal Led to the Murder of Stage Performer Brekhna and her Father


Another day, and another story of how a woman was assaulted only because she said “no” to a marriage proposal. More than that, her father was tortured and killed right in front of her eyes before she was left to die. All of this happened why? Because they rejected the marriage proposal of a lover.

On Tuesday 10th of January 2018, Ali Afridi from Bara, Peshawar stabbed Ikram, a 60-year-old father of 20-year-old stage dancer Brekhna. Ali Afridi was said to be in his early 30s. According to the police, Ali Afridi reached out to Ikram to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Both, the daughter and the father rejected the proposal.

In the agony of rejection, the young lover stabbed the father to death and brutally injured Brekhna.

Brekhna was later taken to the Lady Reading Hospital. However, with her injuries being so severe, she couldn’t make it past another breath and later died.


According to the police, Brekhna was injured and wounded when she was trying to save her father from the assault Ali Afridi conducted.

After killing the father and wounding Brekhna, Ali Afridi committed suicide by using his pistol.

These Past 2 Days Indeed Have Been Horrible for the Country!

Indeed, #ProtectOurArtists!

No Politician has Spoken in the Light of What Happened

Horrible Indeed

Horrible how incidents are happening in such a manner. Indeed, a very dark beginning of 2018 for Pakistan!

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