Saboor Aly Finally Reveals Truth About The 'Window Cleaner' Joke But Pakistanis Are Having None Of It!


Saboor Aly Finally Reveals Truth About The ‘Window Cleaner’ Joke But Pakistanis Are Having None Of It!


Saboor Aly, for those who don’t know, is the Pakistani television and film actress that is under fire for her recent Instagram story. In that video, she is seen ridiculing a man who is cleaning the window. It was shocking to see Saboor engaged in such behavior including another famous co-actor Saheefa Jabbar Khattak that joined in with her passing derogatory remarks.

Here’s the video for reference

People are outraged and called her out

‘I didn’t know who this #SaboorAly woman was until today but so sad to know such hateful horrible people are given a platform. She openly makes fun of a poor man cleaning the windows- Im sure her mother also hoped she would become a better human being but she proved to be filth!’

‘#SaboorAly regardless of where an individual stands in the workplace & as far as the hierarchy is concerned, belittling a person even as a mediocre JOKE is disrespectful. You can not justify such behavior, money in-fact doesn’t bare you empathy! Disgusted!!’

Saboor clarified; He is an assistant director and it was an inside joke

Saboor Aly after receiving a lot of hate and criticism clarified the situation through a post. However, that didn’t bail her out of the hot waters as she is a celebrity with a voice and although that was lighthearted fun she is indirectly encouraging such behavior which is unacceptable. She is currently trending on Twitter in Pakistan along with Affan.

Clarification comes in from someone who identifies the cleaner

‘Um that is Ehsan Shaikh, he is not a window cleaner he is infact an Assistant Director. I worked with him on my drama for Urdu1 too.. so she isn’t making fun of a window cleaner however yes, shouldn’t joke about any work but they are friends. He is an ASSISTANT DIRECTOR.’

Saboor Aly’s statement after the backlash


She questioned the quality of reporting and stated that everyone is eager to jump to conclusions and do not give the person ‘benefit of the doubt’. She defends herself clearing that she never insulted the profession and it was an inside joke ending with a request to stop criticizing someone for likes, engagement, and followers.

Crowd still not on-board with her clarification statements lacking apology

‘If it was humor then you have poor sense of humor!!! But to majority it does not look like humor, it seems you are just trying to justify ur act and that is evedient from ur male actor companion comment.’

‘Lol @ responsible. As celebs, its you who should be more responsible with regards to what you share on public mediums. Its your fault as much as theirs. Dont go tellin everyone how wrong they are when you are equally responsible. Stop acting like a total brat.’


Celebrities have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders and have the power to reach out to thousands of people. Hence, they should be very careful in whatever they put out on social media.

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