People Are Confused Who The Real Groom Is After Salman Faisal’s Wedding Pictures Surfaced And Yeh Bhabi Kiski Hai?

The month of love has finally arrived and as people gear up to celebrate Valentines Day, one couple just tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony with all their loved ones. Salman Faisal who’s the son of popular actress Saba Faisal got hitched with Neha Malik and the couple looks perfect! Their wedding is making waves on social media and almost everyone is enjoying it!

Saba Faisal is a veteran of the industry. Her kids are also a part of the entertainment world with her daughter Sadia Faisal being a part of many dramas. Her sons have also joined the drama industry and are well-known faces. Saba’s son Salman is also an actor and is known for his role as Tipu in the hit drama Dil Mom Ka Diya.

Check out the pictures of the duo and see how people have responded…it’s sad but funny but also worth a look!

Salman Faisal with brother Arsalan Faisal and wife got a lot of comments from people that you should see!

This user made it clear about who the groom was…

People are saying all of the three look the same LOL!

Snakes? Really?

This dude just thought the picture and the couple were bekaar.

This person just called the groom a villain!

The people didn’t hesitate to troll the duo and honestly, as much as it was entertaining, we just feel it’s a bit too much. Those guys just got married – maybe let them enjoy their big day in peace?

Below are more highlights from their wedding, have a look!

This is the adorable entrance the couple made on their Nikkah

Salman Faisal with his mother Saba Faisal, sister Sadia Faisal and wife Neha Malik.

The couple looks beyond happy!

Salman and Neha at their mayoun

We have Saba Qamar grooving over here at the Mehendi

The duo looks like a vision at their baraat

The wedding was held in Lahore but honestly, it’s sad how people don’t miss a chance to troll any celebrities who are starting their new life and rather than congratulating them, the masses end up criticizing them. We wish the couple all the happiness, health and wealth in the future!

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