Samina Peerzada Is A True Patriot And Her Tweets Prove To Be Really Patriotic And Encouraging


Samina Peerzada Is A True Patriot And Her Tweets Prove To Be Really Patriotic And Encouraging


Samina Peerzada is a Pakistani actor, producer, and director television dramas and films. She is famously known for her dramas like Inteha, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Rehaai, and Dastaan.

Samina is all about standing up for basic human rights for every individual, not just women. She directed her first film Inteha in 1999. This was based on the social issues of society and addressed the dark, hidden side of marriage; marital rape.

She has always been a patriotic Pakistani and an activist. Recently, after Imran Khan became the Prime Minister, her tweets have thus become more patriotic.

She has almost 44k followers on her twitter page which means with such a huge fan base, her voice is being carried forward. She is inspiring and motivating so many people to serve for the purpose of our country.

She is an influencer to all of us and playing a part of a leader. And people are agreeing with and liking this.

She tweets regularly and its always something inspirational to get us on our feet and think about bringing change.

Receiving so much support and encouragement as well

And just recently, she tweeted this which made us more proud of her

As we know, so many cases are taking place currently against violence and child abuse almost every day. We read in the papers about girls being raped by policemen and even young boys being kidnapped and tortured. Now, even the animals are not safe, like the pregnant goat’s case. So, someone had to step up. A celebrity with a good fan base is what we need as a leader in this Naya Pakistan.

Let’s hope more celebrities come together and stand for what is right and against what is wrong. And surely, these small steps are going to bring a huge change eventually. It’s better to start somewhere, as long as we are not giving up.


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