Sana Fakhar’s Picture With Kubra Khan Has Become A Hot-Debate And The Reactions Are Astaghfirullah!


Pakistani men are notoriously known for their perverse comments on pictures of women, especially of celebrities. They are struck by the same diseases women all over the world are fighting against- Misogyny, objectification of female bodies, sexism, catcalling, online pestering that includes inappropriate advances and what not.

Yet another female celebrity is aimed at and given comments to, not about the topic that she is discussing but about her appearance. Once your eyes lay on the things these men have written down, you are only met with sheer disgust and disappointment. Makes you think how respecting a woman seems to be a lost cause when it comes to these men. Hey, not all of them. We agree, but it is sad how most of them showcase the same mentality and behavior.

Sana Fakhar, a Lollywood star that has worked in numerous dramas including ‘Babban Khala Ki Betiyan’ and ‘Alif Allah Aur Insaan’, also a fitness enthusiast, shared a picture of herself standing alongside Kubra Khan on Facebook. She captioned the picture: “Guess the project in which Kubra Khan & I have worked together for HUM TV?#HUMTV #KubraKhan #SanaFakhar”. 

Source: Facebook

Some of the comments made by these Pakistani men will make you sick to your stomach




Indeed, may He has mercy on us. Allah insaan banaye! 

At this point, it is hopeless. You will find scums like these everywhere and in every place on this earth. Sadly, shame and decency didn’t even come close to them when they were growing up and now that they have embraced adulthood they don’t seem to have any shred of dignity and decorum.

Everyone jumps to remind women about Islam and modest clothing that is advised in the religion but these men should definitely start attending ‘dars’ so they can finally learn the status of women in our religion and how men are advised to behave towards them.

If that is hard, simply read the ahadiths and you will discover how our beloved Prophet Muhammad has advised the Muslim men to treat women; regardless of who they are. If God wills, you might just learn some basic decency.

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