Sana Javed Goes From ‘Perfect Bahu’ To Super Hottie After Her Sizzling Photo Goes Viral!


Sana Javed has been in the Pakistani entertainment quite some time now, but just recently, she has received a lot of fame. Sana has worked in many projects and she’s also showcased her talent in films, and her fans love her!

Just recently, where many Pakistani celebrities were spotted celebrating New Year’s Eve, here’s a picture of Sana Javed that took social media by storm. And yes, Pakistani awaam hogayi hogayi triggered. Because who could’ve ever thought Sana Javed would ever wear something like this? But the ‘haw haye’ brigade had to pass their comments. Matlab, it’s zaroori like that.

Check out her picture which is going viral like anything!

Here’s what she wrote:

“2018 has been very kind. As I move into 2019, I want to make sure that I express my utmost gratitude and appreciation for all the love I have received over the past year. 
Two of my dramas, Khaani and Romeo Weds Heer gained immense momentum and had chart-busting ratings, which wouldn’t have been possible without the constant love and support I’ve received. I wouldn’t be here, at this point in my life had it not been for my fans, followers, all media platforms who always highlight my work and of course not without my family.
I want to wish all of you a truly happy new year and I hope this year brings nothing but happiness and amazing moments for all of us. 
Much love, SJ x”

However, as always, people couldn’t back their behuda comments…

We even spotted a few najoomis in the comments!

Inhen sab pata hai!

Aur aik ye on the other hand. Tharki spotted!

LOL. Now what was this?! Where they are people who are ridiculing her for her NYE’s outfit, this guy here wanted to see ‘more’.

Slow clap for the haters? But what do we have here? She was being praised and appreciated by her fans in India! Woah!!

The immense love she has received from India is unbelievable!


It truly proves how we’ve prioritized our lives. The trend of trolling others on social is media is surely rising and proving to be hurtful for many. What many of us don’t realize is that these social media users have been the cause of someone taking their own life.

Let’s stop judging people with such disgust and hate. We’ll all be answerable for the things we do and not others.

What do you think about people judging others using such harsh language and tones? Let us know in the comments below. Cheers and peace out!

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