Sania Mirza Is Having Fun with Pakistani Cricketers on Social Media and People Are Loving It!

Between the India-Pakistan hatred and rivalry goes hand in hand, but only in the eyes of the extremists. On numerous occasions, many Pakistanis and Indians have shared their desire of working/playing against each other, which resultantly backfired.

For example, when Karan Johar defended working with Fawad Khan…we all know what happened next.

In the case of a Pakistani and Indian union though, things are different and more complicated, indeed. And this is something Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza can definitely speak for, given how extremists always bring the political matters while speaking about their marriage.

Just Yesterday, Sania Mirza’s Loyalty to India was Questioned

But even so, Sania showed how she has good ties with Pakistanis, especially the cricketers of our country, showing how much she values and gets involved in the career of her husband.

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik Celebrated their 8th Wedding Anniversary Yesterday

And Our Pakistani Cricketers Wished her As Well

Shadab Khan Definitely Had the Best Wish

LOOOL Sania’s Reply!

And Look at Hasan Ali’s Wish


An inside story though, but this is just too cute!

Azhar Mehmood’s Wife Ebba Qureshi Definitely Shares a Good Bond with Sania Mirza

And Look at the Beautiful Wish Sania Made for the Couple

Lovely to see the players putting aside the political rivalry and investing in good relationships with each other. Just shows how much they value each other as friends before being an Indian or Pakistan. Goes both ways; Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik are indeed giving us all good examples.

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