Sania Mirza's Reaction To This 'Tweet' About Her And Shoaib Malik Is Something You Cannot Miss!


Sania Mirza’s Reaction To This ‘Tweet’ About Her And Shoaib Malik Is Something You Cannot Miss!


Shoaib Malik, the Pakistani cricketer and former captain of the Pakistani side, tweeted about his wife Sania Mirza who is an Indian professional tennis player, a while back. He isn’t afraid to show his beautiful wife to the world and of course why would he be?

Posting a picture of him with his wife, he captioned it “With Bae”

They received so many heart-filled compliments and praises as they shared their love on social media.


However, some people confused Bae with something else…?!

I guess it still isn’t a popular word yet?

Ayyy baii 😛

Umm… ok

You don’t wanna know. LOL

How can they not know what Bae means, I mean they are using social media platforms and surfing the net but unaware of the common words?!

One of the people went far beyond and look what they did

This person actually might have thought that Bae is a name, as she captions it “Naya naam”. But we still think its a bit too much. Especially if you try and read the text written in Urdu, it’s just funny. And Sania just had to react.

The emoji is enough to explain what she must be thinking

This was exactly our reaction *smh*

But her fans on Twitter were worried about something else

They are more concerned about whether the Indians understand her tweet or not instead of the actual situation. People must be wondering she Indian and how can she understand Urdu.

Thank God, some people found the humor in it!!

And wow, some people thought its the name of her upcoming baby…

People are capable to pass a judgment on anyone and everyone but not able to look up a word and find out what it means. They would just rather assume. Because that’s the easiest thing ever. Zero efforts required.

What do you guys think about this?

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