Model Sarah Sarfaraz Just Got Married And Revealed Why Her Husband Wants To Maintain Their Privacy

They say happy girls are the prettiest! Try it; See someone who’s sitting silently minding their own business and are lost in thoughts; just go and say you look good today. The smile that would follow after that must be priceless. There a few little things which can fill up your life with happiness and joy, like watching a sunset or a sunrise, having a good coffee at the start of the day, or a compliment by a stranger.

Apart from these tiny little things which are usually ignored by us, that actually make any difference; there are some bigger changes which can topple your life upside down and you wouldn’t know what just happened.

Something similar happened with Sarah!

She was hugged by happy winters last year. 😉

The beautiful model and actress shared her story; what happened when she married the love of her life!

Everyone was curious when they heard about Sarah’s marriage!

She finally broke the ice and it is the most beautiful way to announce the marriage!

“For all my friends & well-wishers who are very curious about marital status -Sometimes in life, fairy tales do come true, it is just a matter of realizing that moment where you feel most blessed & grateful to the Almighty for everything He bestowed upon you. Those closest to me know that almost a year ago, I made a decision which changed the direction of life for me – marriage.
Yes! In January 2018, I took a decision which not only brought a lot of happiness, love & laughter to my life but also made me see life from someone else’s perspective & have someone by my side constantly as a confidant, partner, and best friend.

You may ask why have I been so shy & quiet about it. Being a part of the media world, I have always tried to keep my professional and personal life separate, to ensure that one does not affect the other and moving abroad post marriage gave me the opportunity to witness and live life differently. Would I return to Pakistan to work? Would I continue working? There might be a lot of questions which you would have in mind but right now all I can say is time will tell and there is only one way to find out.
As I’ve embarked on this journey to now discover what life has in store for me, I would like to thank my friends and family who have been extremely supportive & encouraging of the decisions I make and would like to request you all to remember me & my better half in your prayers.
PS my husband is a very private person and doesn’t want to be in the spotlight so don’t request for his pictures please 🙏🏻🙈 Love & Prayers
Sarah Sarfaraz”

She’s the prettiest bride EVAAA!

She’s looking enthralling! <3 MA

Her fans had many questions to ask when she got married to a person outside the showbiz industry. That will she continue her modeling career or not! To which Sarah had only one reply that only time will tell, and remember me in good memories!