This Son's Heartfelt Note On His Father's Tragic Accident Will Break Your Heart!


This Son’s Heartfelt Note On His Father’s Tragic Accident Will Break Your Heart!


Coping with the loss of a loved one brings up almost every kind of feeling imaginable. There are times when more than one emotion seems to take hold at once, and you may feel as if you’re “going crazy” and it seems impossible to actually break the wall of that heart-wrenching feeling.

Recently, we stumbled upon a son grieving for the loss of his beloved father which was the result of a careless driver and the lack of responsibility. In a Facebook post Ali Raza poured his heart out to the public and gathered enough courage to share his experience of losing a dear one, he wrote, “It’s been a week now since my father ‘Abid Raza’ lost his life in a tragic car incident last Sunday 23rd December 2018 – when the vehicle he was driving was rammed into from behind while standing at Ittihad/ Hafiz intersection signal. I’ve finally mustered the strength to talk about this today, an irrevocable and untimely loss that has devastated our family.’’

This might come off as ‘nothing new’ for you but it’s crucial to highlight that people need to understand that we have to put a stop to this. Why has all of this turned into something so common that people have quit caring? Why aren’t any precautions taken? Each day life is compromised because a drunk driver was allowed to hit and run!

Ali Raza also penned down his emotions stating, “This is all because of reckless driving of another who was under the influence – intoxicated/ drunk and then fled the scene. To be rightly put, this is not an accident but ROAD RAGE that took someone’s life. A simple person standing at the signal, not knowing the fatality that’s about to hit him from nowhere. Your one night of enjoyment and then being hungover after can bring a family to the brink of disaster. Taking away what is most prized to them.’’

Every other day we come across news that involves the death of a loved one, we hear endless cases of hit and run where the victim is left alone to die. It’s heartbreaking how people don’t think twice about the loss of the families and what they might go through after the death of someone who’s the source of their joy.

It’s high time that we’re careful while we drive and start protecting ourselves and our loved ones because you never know what might happen on the road next when you wear your seat belt. Read up here on the full post by Ali Raza here:



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