These 5 Weird Korean Beauty Trends Is Giving Every Pakistani Girl A Nightmare!


Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Well, everyone does! Even though the definition of beauty varies from person to person, recent beauty trends have grabbed everyone’s attention. People, nowadays consider the definition of being beautiful as having a perfect body, plumped lips, perfect eyes and that sharp jawline.

Things got more interesting when people considered the USA a beauty hub but soon found out that South Korea is the epitome when it comes to beauty. They are famously known for introducing new exciting products, where some are life-changing and rest are weird.

And it was when we discovered some weirdest Korean beauty trends and we couldn’t help sharing them with you guys. Come on, let’s explore the weirdness together!

1. Putting fish in a girl’s collarbone to measure how skinny the girl is

This is known to be the newest beauty trend, where the more the fish you can add in your collarbone, the skinnier you are. It has gained a lot of popularity, where people from other countries are trying it out as well.


2. Lipstick Liner Tattoo

People get their lips tattooed, just to get those perfect lips. Umm… imagine all that blood and pain!

I’d rather get a tattoo on my neck!

3.Puffy Smiling Eyes

As much as women spend a fortune to get rid of eye bags, Koreans like to rock them! It is known as ‘Aegyo Sal‘ where they purposely make their eye bags look puffy using a makeup trick.

SAVE ME…Take my eye bags, please!

4. Skin Diving

It is called Jamsu, where women apply makeup on their face and then after applying heaps of baby powder they dunk it in ice cold water for 30 seconds. It is said to have a matte finish look and long-lasting effect.


5. Rib Resection

To achieve slimmer waist contour, women usually get their ribs removed or their rib cages shaved.

Oh God, time to leave this planet!

These beauty trends are sure giving us nightmares today, what do you guys think about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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