This Girl From Karachi Just Beat The Shit Out of This Pervert


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Sadly speaking, it’s still hard for us girls to go out freely. Rightly so, we are not allowed by our families to go out alone even for a walk around where we live sometimes even during the daylight. Some people never let that happen. The perverts in our society never leave a chance to show their real self.

Whilst we are in 2017, still struggling and keeping our mouths shut, this girl is already living in 3017. Thursday evening, Maha Mohsin, a clinical psychologist from Karachi was groped at this place which is supposedly quite populous as one walks toward the Expo side. A man approached her and walked away but little did he see this coming. Maha decided to teach him a mighty lesson and beat him till he knelt down on his knees to apologize whilst his brother held his collars. Kudos to him as well! 

Maha, you’ve done what many of us cannot even think of doing. I hope this sicko never thinks about repeating this ever again. He has learnt his lesson. On behalf of all the women who go through this daily, we thank you for being an inspiration. Also, a lesson for many. More power to you! I honestly wish someone was there to record the ordeal. But I’m happy this ended up being a lesson for him. Bet he won’t touch anyone else.

I hope we find the courage to do this even without any male by our side. The rate at which these incidents are becoming common, it’s furious and grotesque knowing not everyone has a man by their side for the support like Maha luckily had. We need to uproot this ignominy by taking expeditious actions while we can. Next time this happens (god forbid).. you know what to do. 😉 

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