This Girl Just Gave A Reality Check For All The “Bewaqoofs” Out There And It Is Spot On!

If the title boggled your mind, then this blog is meant for you, hence proves the title’s subject. Haha, JK.

We all have been stupid at some point in our life and it’s okay only if you grow out of it and snap out of it and just stop presenting yourself as a scapegoat, a lamb or molten lava cake.

When I was young (not that I am old, but when I was naive young and masks that people wore hadn’t fallen off) I used to get happy when I was called as a simple girl. Little did I know that they had seeped into my vulnerable self which allowed them to manipulate me one way or the other. Acha, I’m not being cynical at all – you must know how liberating it is to knock down all your fears or vulnerabilities as you grow but only if ‘they’ let you.

Here are five lies that you should smell before they are garnished and presented in front of you:

Lie No 1: Many times, people don’t want you to change, ‘Haye, tum aise he bht achi ho’, ‘don’t change yourself for anything’ and blah blah.

Fact: You are no good to others, you are just eating up world’s resources. Go get a life and make a mark in this world – you ain’t gonna be anywhere by serving others’ interests.

Lie No 2: Texting isn’t a big shit if I don’t text you it doesn’t mean I don’t love you/missing you/remember you…

Fact: ‘Oh really, so what do you do with your cell in your hand every day? Tell me it massages you secretly *wink wink*.’  They have all the excuses in the world and you douche bag get swooned over the way they cover it up and hid their stinky selves under a mask again.

Lie No 3: ‘Yar, you can share anything with me’

Fact: What they don’t say is, “I need to have stock for my gossip sessions”. In fact, the moment you share with them, they come up with the lamest ways to calm you down or they would hop on to next venture of amassing gossip piles. And your inner-self mocks ‘Hun raam hay.’

Lie No 4: After long long bouts of no contact, some friends/boys/girls return to your life claiming. ‘I couldn’t forget you, my cords didn’t strike well with anyone else.’

Fact: Watch out, they are just rephrasing one sentence ‘Mjy laat pari ha skht wali’.

Lie No 5: They see you thriving, they can’t swallow it .. So they tell you ‘Ik din sb ney marna he hai.’

Fact: ‘Bhooti achi nahe to baat to achi karlo bhai’

There are so many, so many lies that people tell you on your face but you gotta brace yourself and beware.

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