This Indian Actress Is Ruthlessly Getting Trolled For Working In An Pakistani Fairness Cream Ad

The very newest and most favorite of recent trends include the fairness trend. This trend only is actually the obsession of people with fair colour. White skin is more preferable in a vast majority of the sub-continent, where if you are not “gori/gora” you aren’t considered to be beautiful. The reason beauty is subjective everywhere is this that people, take white skin as beauty and believe dark or dusky skin to be not very good enough! Well, from when on the shade of skin have started to be the right measure of beauty instead of the health of the skin.

But the deep-rooted culture of our system can’t be eradicated in just a few days! It has to go by acting the fact that all people are beautiful, all skins are beautiful.

The very famous fairness cream, Faiza Beauty Cream made roars over the TV and the internet. While recently, they have opened another line of hair removal cream. Which is also a whitening hair removal cream.

Sara Khan was featured in the ad, while Sara is pretty popular in the Pakistani audience. Sara is an Indian drama actor, but she has done a drama serial and quite a few ads in Pakistan as well. Faiza Beauty Cream has to be one of them.

Here’s the TVC

It is quite evident that almost everyone liked the TVC on Faiza Beauty’s page and they appreciated it. But it didn’t seem the case with when Sara herself posted it!

Though she looks enthralling, yet people bashed her

Sara was being severely trolled for working in Pakistani ad, also the nature of the ad!

Source: Facebook

Why is that even a problem?

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Woah! Why so hateful

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Some people are always hateful, appreciating others is not an option for them. Maybe the best thing they can do it to scroll up if they didn’t like something. Live and let live. Peace out!