This Pakistani Guy shares why he doesn’t want his “Khandaan Walay” to attend his wedding


Dear Parents,

You’ve been asking me for a while now if I’m okay with getting married. I’ve finished my education and have a stable job, so I think I’m ready for it. But before you start looking for rishtas, there’s something I want to discuss with you.

I don’t want my extended family at my wedding. The only people I want there are you, Nana, Nani, my sisters, my brother, and a handful of my best friends. Anyone else that I know or am related to- please don’t invite them.

This wedding is my special night. It is the night I form an eternal bond. It’s going to be the most important moment of my life and I don’t want people that I’m not close to showing up. My khandaan walay were never there for me in my hard times. They shouldn’t be here either.

Dad, you’ve spent all your life saving up so that I have no issues getting married. You’ve made such a huge sacrifice for me, one that cost so much time and effort. If you arrange a big wedding, you’ll have to book a much bigger hall, cater to a lot more people and end up spending on various unnecessary expenses. I don’t want that. My sisters still need to get married and you have to save up for that as well.

Mom, I know how much me getting married will mean to you. But inviting a lot of people will actually take away the meaning of it. I don’t want strangers, people that I’ve met only a handful of times in my life, to be at my wedding. They have never been part of my life, so why would I want them at my wedding?

I understand that you want me to have an amazing wedding. But spending a lot of money and getting a lot of people to show up won’t make it that way. As long as I have my loved ones around me, it will automatically become the best night of my life.

Your Son

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