This Pakistani Woman Shares Why Every Mom Forgets Things And Her Reason Is Pretty Solid!

Heaven lies under our feet, they say. But for a reality check, they never said that anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, restlessness followed by memory loss would also come as a bonus with our baby. Three of us; mother, baby and memory loss are born together.

Memory loss doesn’t care if you have been a genius (read it evil genius) throughout your life or have had a photographic memory, it just happens to you just like an outburst advice on raising a child is spitted out of their mouth as soon as THEY (relatives) see you carrying a baby in your lap. You have to welcome it with a smile on your face.

Source: Oye! Times

Well, coming back to the actual topic, memory loss in motherhood is just an inevitable sh*t. Stop relying on your brain as you receive your wrapped pink and swollen bundle of joy in your arms.

Your 24/7 responsibility to take care of your kids will make your brain too occupied to have any space for memory. While changing his/her stinky diapers and drooled dresses, you can forget milk on the stove all boiling, bubbling, flooding out of ‘degchi’, making you clean the stove top AGAIN. You can forget your morning tea in microwave already warmed for the third time in a row.

Source: Tenor

Your aching bones will remind you that you haven’t taken your iron calcium supplements regularly since an age. Buying a blue suit, you can forget that you already have three blue dresses of the season at home. You will ask to get your kid medicine that already is there in the medicine box and will forget some other medicine that is getting out of stock or incomplete grocery list may be? Buckle up to face the music now.

The real struggle will start when you will forget a very important thing after keeping it in a very safe place. You will have your kids’ brand new FORGOTTEN dress/ shoes in the wardrobe that doesn’t fit them anymore. But would be a delight if it is yours. Realizing that an amazing memory that you had once is no more, is heart-wrenching while somebody’s rolled out eyes on your ‘Oh! I forgot that’ add to the misery. Since you are a mother, forget that you had a strong memory once. Yeah, forget it too.