This Video of Mahira Khan and Javed Sheikh From Lux Style Awards is Making People Come Up with Weird Theories


The entertainment industry is filled with happening news, especially when there’s an event we are talking about. Last night, one of the most happening events of the entertainment industry took place in Lahore – the Lux Style Awards.

Glitz and Glamz Seen Everywhere, the Event Indeed Lived Up To its Hype!

And Some Statements Were Set

Great To See How Asma Jahangir was Honored at the Awards

Our Favorite Boys from Kashmir Were There As Well

But is a Pakistani event really a Pakistani event if it does not have any controversial story in the afterparty? The answer is definitely a NO!

Mahira Khan Received an Award Last Night and Was Honored by the Legendary Javed Sheikh

The two have worked together in Bin Roye previously and given how they both are Pakistan’s top actors, their interaction definitely wasn’t the first time.

The video of Javed Sheikh congratulating Mahira Khan went viral earlier today. According to various Pakistanis, Mahira Khan curved Javed Sheikh when he tried to kiss her while congratulating her.

People Were Talking All About it!

They All Thought She Cringed

It Did Seem Like a Dodge

Oh Well…

Mahira Khan, However, Cleared the Air

In a tweet, she shared how she can vouch for an experienced, legendary actor such as Javed Sheikh and called this rumor “silly”.

Javed Sheikh, on the other hand, still hasn’t shared his two cents on this hyped up “rejection”.

Well, let’s just hope whatever Mahira Khan is actually the truth. We surely don’t want to have our hearts broken by Javed Sheikh being someone we don’t imagine him to do.

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