A Brand In UK Is Selling Shalwar Kameez For Women, But Without The Shalwar & Calling It Fashion!


Kurta Without Shalwar

A Brand In UK Is Selling Shalwar Kameez For Women, But Without The Shalwar & Calling It Fashion!


On the verge of staying in fashion, many people serve as the epitome of a trending element in the clothing hemisphere. Loaded with massive branding and entering the commercial world, in this time, the fashion industry has taken over a huge space compared to other existing businesses. Merely depending on the target audience, brands try to deliver according to the consumer preference but it doesn’t succeed every single time.

UK clothing brand took inspiration from shalwar kameez and launched it without the shalwar as ‘boho dresses’!

As the brown clothing culture is completely sideways from what’s being peddled in the western designing tactics, recently a clothing website operating in the United Kingdom has steered a chaotic debate on the internet. Using the desi woman apparel, ‘shalwar kameez’ and launching it as their new arrival of ‘vintage boho dresses’ minus the shalwar, this UK based online brand sure made digital Asians go crazy. Last year too, Pakistanis lost their sh*t over a shalwar-less collection launched in an event in Lahore.

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And here’s what an actual ‘Boho Dress’ looks like!

Bohemian Dream

Mainly famous among the Pakistani heritage clothing style, shalwar kameez carries a whole cultural aspect within. The online brand took out the Pakistani stance well, obviously, without the shalwar, making a lot of desi minds uncomfortable. According to sources, the brand belongs to a small town of England called Purfleet and this was their summer release.

‘Boho dress’ and the hilarious reactions gathered from the internet!

As soon as the pictures came out, social media users were quick to point out the issue, since then the internet is filled with different opinions. Response tweets and brown girls sharing their pictures wearing proper shalwar kameez held the criticism flag high, portraying an accurate picture of from where the so-called ‘boho dress’ actually originated from.

This girl definitely pointed out a sensitive issue, LOL!

Where’s the shalwar though?

Some major discriminating factor, right here!

This is insane. Help needed!

Is it white manipulating the white propaganda?

Well, as the humor that the brown race inherits can’t be matched with anyone, among the criticism tweets, some girls even shared their outfit pictures on social media. The well-put depiction of hilarity and reacting together sure shed some light on the cultural differences and the uncanny adaptation by the western world. Check out some of the shalwar kameez pictures circulating on the web.

‘BoHo dReSs’ written right!

The pale face and witty pace. Can you feel it?

Apparently, every desi girl has it!

Yeah! You got them!

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‘Boho dress’ that is short for ‘bohemian dress’ calls back to the hip hop legacy behind, mostly worn among the white race. Looking deep into the trends that are actually in fashion these days, it makes many wonder about the future the clothing industry holds. In this time, one can expect anything from torn outfits to diverse changes in different cultural clothing and blend it into fashionable stances.

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