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Amna Atiq’s Unfortunate Death After Her ‘Live’ Statement Against Her Husband Has Stirred A Storm!


With the advancement of time, sensitive matters pertaining to women rights are confidently discussed and brought under the limelight in order to spread awareness; hoping to bring a stop to the torment and abuse women receive. However, Pakistani women continue to suffer at the hands of men and the law does nothing to support them. If anything it was devised in a way to only favor the men, the powerful and the corrupt.

A sad story emerges of beauty and fashion blogger Amna Atiq!

The men in her life played with her sanity, respect, dignity, and self-worth until she was thrown at the edge of insanity. Still, she carried on mustering up strength for her precious little daughter. However, Amna is no more and died in mysterious circumstances.

Amna Atiq
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Her painful story!

Her father under the influence of his second wife forced Amna to marry someone completely unknown, against her will and rejected the man who loved her immensely on the grounds that he wasn’t financially stable. Amna’s husband turned out to be druggy, an alcoholic and a womanizer. He would physically, mentally and emotionally abuse her to the point that she went into a deep depression. She had a daughter with her first husband and was divorced later.

After being kicked out by her husband, she went back to her father who didn’t accept her. In her recital, she explains how in Pakistani society, women are expected to ‘compromise’ and ‘tolerate’ abuse in order to keep their marriage intact. If they do get a divorce, not only they bring shame onto their own families but the society doesn’t respect them either. Since there is a stigma involved that a divorced woman is faulty in some way or another and the solely responsible for the divorce.

However, things started to change when her first love entered her and her daughter’s life. She was happy, loved and safe.

But, something changed in her second husband who sometime down the line turned out to be the same as the first one, or maybe worse. He would physically torture her, taunting her about her past, hitting her, burning her hands and so much more.

After going live in a private females-only group discussing her sorrows, Amna was found dead a few days after!

*SHADIIIII*SHADI KR LO BARI HOGAI HOSHADI KR LO UMAR HO GAI HAISHADI KR LO UMAR BRH RAHI HAI SHADI KR LO USKI HOGAI HAISHADI KR LO ACHY RISHTEY NAI MILEIN GY SHADI KR LO LOAG KYA KAHEIN GY BC YE LOAG HAIN KAUN "AP YA HUM" JO YE DECIDE KRTY HAIN K HUM KYA KREIN KYA NAI YE LOAG AA K HMARE DAANEY DAALTY HAIN?APNE DO KAURI K LOFFAR LAFANGY HAWAS K PUJAARI BETAY SMBHAALAY NAI JAATY OR HUMEIN BTAYEIN GY K HUM KYA KREIN K NAI ?AMNA ATIQ… Unfortunately another soul ended her miserable life because of this CHU**** STATEMENT K BC LOAG KYA KAHEIN GY Amna was a freelance makeup artist, a blogger and owned an eyelashes brand named Bonitaaz. She was last online a day before yesterday.This is not natural death but infact a murder.Amna was murdered by society ke taanay.Amna was murdered by her husband’s physical and mental torture.Amna was murdered by her father’s apathy.DEPRESSION took her life. Depression killed this soul who wanted to live happily.I don't usually do this, I don't comment on what people are or aren't.. But today I just CANNOT help myself..We as a society need to seriously understand depression. Just a small description of what depression actually is: "It's often said that depression results from a chemical imbalance, but that figure of speech doesn't capture how complex the disease is. Research suggests that depression doesn't spring from simply having too much or too little of certain brain chemicals. Rather, there are many possible causes of depression, including faulty mood regulation by the brain, genetic vulnerability, stressful life events, medications, and medical problems. It's believed that several of these forces interact to bring on depression."(full article on: We need to understand that the causes of depression may not only be associated with (like in this case the post I saw ~ attached) failed marriaged and an abusive husband.. The causes are many and can be any, lets stop being so judgemental and lets quit coming to quick conclusion.This is so sad we couldn't help a soul when she needed help..she came live in a group day before yesterday the videos are there posted along with the burn hand and broken finger we can see bruises on her arm swelled why no one contacted her?.. why no one to hear her?? Why no one listened to her?? Why no one provided help to her ?.. this made me cry.. Why we women don't stand with another women when they need us most.HUM AURATEIN HE KYN DOSRI AURAT SE HASSAD OR NAFRAT KRTI REHTI HAIN WHY THE HELL WE DON'T STAND BY EACH OTHER AND SUPPORT THEM.Her Death should be investigated RIP Amna AtiqYet another life lost today due to this cruel world.Lets make this our responsibility to recognize and accept mental illnesses. Lets please STOP taking them lightly because a mental illness can be as much of a killer as cancer.Lastly, lets all pray for the departed soul and recite Surah-e-Fatiha.. May ALLAH give her a place in jannat. May she RIP Amna Atiq. And lets pray for society to accept and to start treating psychological disorders just like they would treat any other disease.

Gepostet von Sahar Hussain Bokhari am Donnerstag, 19. September 2019

It is being speculated that she committed suicide succumbing to her depression and the torture she was receiving from her second husband. However, chances of her being murdered are very much on the table.

Domestic violence can not be curbed by mere laws. There is a dire need of a better upbringing of boys where parents teach them by example about the value and respect of women. Patriarchy is toxic and breeds future abusers. Amna’s death is proof of how women suffer at the hands of toxic masculinity.

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