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We Asked Pakistanis About The Lies They Told Their Parents To Sneak Out Valentines Day And The Responses Were Hilarious!


The month of love is just around the corner and as true lovers are looking forward to spoiling their soulmates with candy bars, flowers, and sweet-nothings, all the singles like me will be sitting at home Netflixing and stuffing faces with Nutella!

Valentines Day is when the cupid is the busiest but in Pakistan, dating is really hard and the thought of koi dekh na le has ruined many dates. Trying to sneak out from your house/colleges/universities or skipping work to see your partner is quite common here, sab karte hain bhai.

We asked a few people what were some lies that they told their parents to get out on a date with their partners back when things were a little conservative!

1. A friend got into an accident


That could actually work, so if you’re having a problem coming up with an excuse – keep this in mind.

2. Group study


Heading out to a friends place for group study is quite believable.. ammi won’t even doubt you!

3. Friends mom had a heart attack


So, this was a response that really cracked us up! Matlab dost ki amma ko bhi nai chhora? Wah kia pyaar hai!

4. Ek din ki tableegh


Blame it on the religion and get away with everything! LOL

5. Have an extra class in university

Source/Fan Forum

This could totally work if you want to head out for dinner and your university has evening classes.

6.  Chaai session with the boys!


What are friends for? Ye to best hai!

7. Have to go to the mechanic


Take your car/bike to the mechanic (NOT) and your gal to fancy restaurant! Chalo!

8. Have a friend’s Mehendi to attend.


Tell your parents you have a wedding to attend and voila! So what if you’re wearing all the kaam valay cloths? How smart are these people?!

9. Friend’s birthday


This was pretty common back then! Who used this excuse to have a date night?

10. Bhaad mein jaaye Valentines, PSL all the way!


So, this is interesting. This user shared his current wish on Valentines and kaafi acha hai

So, these were the responses Parhlo got from all the Pakistanis – but we’d love to know what were some of topis you used or excuses you made to your parents on a Valentines Day! Let us know in the comments section and if you’re single for as long as you can remember then join the clan!






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