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Tooba bawanyJuly 10, 2024

Teenage Girls Beat Salesman Over Alleged Harassment: Viral Video & Reactions – Mariyam Nafees Defend Girls

A CCTV video is going viral, capturing a shocking incident at a petrol pump in Garden Town, Lahore. The footage ...

Tooba bawanyJuly 9, 2024

Mahira Khan’s Scary Dress Malfunction Video Starts Debate

Mahira Khan is a very famous superstar in the country. People love her work and how she has handled herself ...

Tooba bawanyJuly 3, 2024

How Society Treated Mathira As A Single Mother

Mathira started working at 16, doing various jobs to support herself. She began hosting live TV shows, facing harassment and ...

Samra NisarJune 29, 2024

Kishmala Talat: Pakistan’s First Women Aim Gold Medal in Shooting. Aims to establish her name in the Paris Olympics 2024

Kishmala Talat aims to become number 1. Number one in the Olympic shooting. She aims at 25mm and 10mm shooting. ...

Samra NisarMay 23, 2024

Driving Schools Opening for Women in Lahore to Learn Cars and Motorcycles

Women wanting to learn motorcycle and car driving have received great news: special driving classes will be held just for ...

Samra NisarApril 6, 2024

Facebook Deletes Soul Sisters Pakistan Group

Facebook has deleted Soul Sisters Pakistan, a women-only group in Pakistan with over 300,000 members, known for open discussions on ...

Tooba bawanyMarch 20, 2024

Sara Chaudhry: From TV Star to Spiritual Journey

Sara Chaudhry, formerly a renowned model and television actress in Pakistan, became famous for her wholesome appearance and acting prowess. ...

Tooba bawanyMarch 4, 2024

Lahore Court Dismisses Aurat March Petition

The Lahore High Court has ruled on a petition challenging the Aurat March, a socio-political event held each year in ...

Tooba bawanyFebruary 29, 2024

Petition Against Aurat March Filed in Lahore High Court

A plea has been lodged with the Lahore High Court opposing the scheduled Aurat March in March. Submitted by advocate ...

Tooba bawanyFebruary 26, 2024

Maryam Nawaz Makes History as First Woman Chief Minister in Punjab, Pakistan

Maryam Nawaz, 50, made history by taking the oath as the first woman Chief Minister of West Punjab in Pakistan. ...

Tooba bawanyFebruary 24, 2024

Saba Faisal’s Candid Take on Love, Marriage, and Flirtatious Messages

Saba Faisal, an illustrious figure in the Pakistani television industry, recently shared intriguing insights during an appearance on TV One’s ...

Tooba bawanyFebruary 24, 2024

Filter Magic: Pakistani Actresses and Their Digital Beauty

In the world of Pakistani entertainment, mobile filters have become ubiquitous tools, particularly embraced by young actresses to amplify their ...

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