5 Wives Ranked the Worst According to Zodiac Signs


Do you believe in zodiacs? You must have read your daily horoscope at least once at a certain point in your lifetime because we all have! And, if you’re in a relationship, you must’ve looked up your partner’s zodiac just for the fun of it to see if your Zodiacs actually match up. It’s not just about Zodiacs, but a relationship truly needs a lot of work from both partners to actually succeed.

So, according to Astrology, here are the 5 worst wives for guys according to their zodiac. Keep reading to find out! Hold your breath and count to 3. *Drum rolls*

1. Scorpio


Scorpio women can be very scary. They are known to be tough, blunt, cold and heartless. But, they all also possess the nature of being absolutely straight forward and honest. Brutally honest. LOL. They show no mercy if you mess with them and hold up their relationship standards very high. Scorpio women are known to be very unpredictable and they’re the toughest signs to fall in love with. But if you know how to deal with them, they’re all yours!

2.  Virgo


Virgo women are known to be perfectionists and can’t tolerate failing in anything. Even if they do, they’ll fall apart and tend to hurt themselves. But, they’re also known to be extremely insecure and jealous which leads to a bad breakup. No matter what you do to convince them to believe in themselves, they counter it all with negativity.

3. Aries

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The one thing you wouldn’t want in a relationship would be rushing into things. That’s the nature Aries women possess. They like to rush things, especially in a relationship. They come out as very dominating and love to take control over things, again, in relationships. They are known to have a bad temper and are very tough in nature. But, once you get to know them you’ll find out that they’re very sensitive. So if you get into a fight them, note this down: You’ll lose.

4. Taurus


They are known to be painfully independent. If you hurt them, they will walk away and not return. They don’t like playing with their partner’s feelings. And, by any chance, they break your heart, it is the WORST. They have a cold heart and a life of their own. If your wife is a Taurian, then consider yourself very special.

5. Cancer


Cancerian women have a heart of gold! As tough as they may seem, they have a soft corner in their hearts. Even if they pretend that they don’t care, they do. Deep inside. Cancerians have the nature of not trusting people and that is why relationships are a little difficult to them. They don’t make bad wives but they tend to push people away.

But remember, don’t take these too literally. If your wife is listed as the worst match, don’t think of divorcing her just yet! Because who knows, you both might be just compatible with each other and the relationship would be working out perfectly fine! And yes, always consider giving a second chance to your partner. Everyone deserves a second chance!

How many of you believe in Zodiacs? Let us know in the comments!


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