Zaid Ali Had a Q&A Session Between his Mom and his Wife and Oh Boy, It Is Interesting -

Zaid Ali Had a Q&A Session Between his Mom and his Wife and Oh Boy, It Is Interesting!


You know most of the times, for various reasons, a typical relation between a saas and a bahu is always deemed as a negative one. Zaid Ali, the famous Canadian-Pakistani YouTuber wanted to show a different side of this relationship to the world by bringing his wife Yumna and the famous mama bear together for a video.

Before Zaid tied the knot with Yumna, his mama bear was the star of the videos and everybody loved her. Adding a new mix to his videos, Zaid Ali did a question answer session between his mom and wife where he asked questions and they answered and tbh, it is quite fun to watch.

Zaid Ali Asked his Mom to Tell a Good and a Bad Quality of Yumna

Mama bear gave a pretty diplomatic answer there…

For a good quality, she said that Yumna is generally a pretty active person. For a bad quality, while mama bear did not have any in specific, she said that bahus generally do have some qualities, right?

Good one, mama bear!

During a Rapid Fire Session, Zaid Ali Asked his Mom if he Was an Accident and Mama Bear Instantly Said YES!

Mama bear later revealed that she did not understand the question correctly and felt Zaid asked whether he had been in an accident before or not.

Mama is literally super cute!!!

Okay So For Questions, Zaid Ali Asked Mama Bear How She Had Taken the News of Yumna Being Older than Zaid

Mama bear revealed that she had no idea Yumna was older than Zaid, until the YouTuber’s wife had shared her 27th birthday picture.

So Zaid was born in 1995 (which was also revealed in this YouTube video) and Yumna is 27 years old, which makes it their age difference of 4 years.

Man, we do need more parents like mama bear who break support their children breaking the societal norms.

Anyway So Moving On, Mama Bear Was Asked Whether She Liked Yumna Or Not and her Answer Was NO…

Because, as she said, she “loves Yumna”.


Overall, it was a pretty fun video to watch and something different as well. At least this YouTuber here is not trying to bring pregnancy prank videos for the audience, isn’t that right?

Here’s the Complete Video!

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