Sports Journalist Zainab Abbas Finally Tied The Knot With Hamza!

Sports Journalist Zainab Abbas Finally Tied The Knot With Hamza!


Pakistanis’ love for cricket is next level. Be it of any age group, cricket is another thing apart from food that unites us together. Cricket for Pakistani is not an ordinary game but a career that the majority of Pakistanis would love to take up.

Unfortunately, only a handful of extremely talented people get a chance of becoming a part of this amazing sport. Speaking of which, among those is the lucky Zainab Abbas who seems to have fulfilled her wish of becoming a part of it. Being a sports analyst and TV presenter, this woman has made thousands of fans!

But let’s break it to you guys that Zainab Abbas has finally gotten married to Hamza over the weekend and she’s off the marketplace!

Zainab at her Dholki night!

Nikkah day!

We really need to find out who the guy is!

Let’s admit. They look adorable together!


How gorgeous does she look in this traditional attire?! We’re totally digging the golds!

Following the latest trend of utilizing your mother’s clothes and jewelry on your big day, Zainab decided to jump on the bandwagon and did the same! However, she opted for wearing her mother’s jewelry! Well, she carried it all too well and looked gracefully beautiful! Sharing a few pictures of herself on Instagram, here’s what she wrote:

“Thank you @zaragul.official for the beautiful makeover on my nikkah – one event down, three more to go! •photography – @palwashaaminhas • outfit – @saadiamirzacouture • jewellery – Mom’s lol”

She has got beauty and brains and that just makes it even better. Oh and her love for cricket! Obviously.

Zainab abbas ties the knot

To which, Babar Azam replied to her saying,

Zainab abbas ties the knot
But apart from controversies, Zainab has sure won a ton of hearts and proved to be a complete hero! She posted a picture with AB de Villiers right before the Pakistan vs South Africa game in 2017 with the caption “Told him to go easy on us tomorrow”. And guess what happened next? AB took it quite seriously and got out!

Well, Zainab indeed made a beautiful bride! However, we’re still curious to know more about her husband, Hamza! Moreover, we congratulate Zainab and Hamza on starting a new life together and may they be showered with infinite happiness! Ameen!

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