10 Best And Polite Ways To Tell Your Friend That She's A Bad Cook!


10 Best And Polite Ways To Tell Your Friend That She’s A Bad Cook!


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Do you have a friend who does not cook good but always organizes parties? Have you ever told her how bad she cooks? Is your answer, NO! I can’t tell her the truth. Guess what?? You are ruining her life and your stomach by eating uncooked, watery, tasteless curries.  If you consider yourself a good friend. It’s about time to save her life by guiding her properly towards cooking. Here are some tips to help your loved one.

1. Timings Matter

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Pick a good time and location to discuss.

2. It Is A Secret

Keep it between you and her.

3. Show Your Concern Not Of “Others”

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Don’t tell what others have said about her cooking. Use the word “I” such as I feel you should take cooking classes. I am worried about you. I want you to cook better for your family.

4. Be Careful

Be aware that your friend will get upset but let your friend know that you care about her

5. Assist Her In Learning Process

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We always need assistance every so often. Make sure you acknowledge her struggle and make this learning process easy for your friend

6. Join Cooking Classes With Her

Offer to attend cooking classes with them.

7. Be A Teacher Inside The Kitchen

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Ask your friend to help with cooking and give tips while you both cook together.

8. Take Help From Social Media

Send your friend your favorite YouTube channel cooking specialist that defines easy step by step cooking.

9. Encourage Her Little Efforts

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Ask your friend to subscribe for cooking blogs for simple recipes. Encourage to cook a small amount. Pick a simple recipe and give it a try today. Try not to go for anything that requires costly fixings or is tedious. Regardless of whether you commit errors, it is alright. Learn from them so you can improve the dish.

10. Ask Your Mother For Help

Learn from others: Ask your mother, mother in law or friends to teach you to cook. Simply talk to them or observe when they cook, and you are definitely going to pick up some great tips.

It may attract to influence things to appear to be less demanding than they are to your friend, particularly on the off chance that they appear to be especially delicate. You should need to make out you are less concerned than you are, or pretend that cooking classes sound like fun or some other sort of ‘trap’ to motivate them to say yes to learn how to cook.

However, it can probably go to bite back and end your friendship but the truth, talk with generosity and thoughtfulness, tends to work better, even when it’s the most difficult thing to do.

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