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Shahzeb ZaheerMay 9, 2019

Here’s Why Islamic Scholars Should Start Talking About The Rights Of Children!

I usually don’t attend the Urdu khutba part in Friday prayers. But one day, I went early to the mosque and listened ...

Syeda FaizaMay 9, 2019

This Pakistani Girl Gives A Beautiful Explanation About Practicing Polygamy In The Light Of Islam

Why should polygamy be practiced? There is a beautiful explanation about practicing polygamy quoted in the Holy Quran. And if ...

Waqar ZafarApril 10, 2019

Here Are 3 Simple Tips To Overcome A Devastating Heartbreak!

I know how hard it is to find relief from the pain of breakup as I have got my heart ...

FarwaApril 8, 2019

These 5 Jinn Exorcisms Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine And They Are Actually Real!

Almighty Allah and His last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has provided us with the guidance of all the worldly and unworldly ...

Amna Mehmud RizviMarch 25, 2019

This Brother’s Heartfelt Letter To His Sister On Her 26th Birthday Will Make Your Eyes Teary!

Thoughts On My Sister’s 26th Birthday This week, my sister, Amna Mahmood Rizvi, turns 26. She is the third of ...

Ramsha MansoorMarch 22, 2019

[POEM] – Game

Tremble of her lips, Fear in her eyes… …Shaky breaths of her That frantic look on her face …To make ...

Komal BajajMarch 13, 2019

[POEM] – My Mother And Me

I see the world in her eyes, but she finds the universe in mine! She resides in my prayers, but ...

Zara FahadMarch 8, 2019

Aurat March 2019 – Rallying For Women Rights Or Promoting Man-Hate?

Many of the slogans demonstrated at the Aurat March, a campaign by women to voice up for women rights, that ...

FarwaFebruary 22, 2019

According To Islam, Here’s What It Says About Attending Mixed Gatherings With Opposite Genders!

It has been seen that the Islamic rules and regulations for living a prosperous life are the preventive ones which mean ...

Aqsa KhalidFebruary 21, 2019

“She literally used to cry with me” – This Pakistani Girl Shares How Her Bestie Helped Her Out Of Depression And This Is Sacha Pyar!

I was just a normal, extrovert and a happy 21-year-old girl until I hit a depression so hard that I ...

FarwaFebruary 20, 2019

11 Things Pakistanis Living In The United Kingdom (UK) Can Relate To!

According to a report by the Office for National Statistics UK in 2018, Pakistanis are the eighth most common non-British citizens ...

FarwaFebruary 15, 2019

6 Types Of People Whose Duas Are Accepted By Allah Almighty In The Light Of Islam

From Allah Almighty’s unlimited blessings, dua or supplication is considered as the worthiest one. According to different Islamic scholars, ablution ...

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