4 Must-Not-Listen-To Marriage Advice Desi Aunties Give You Before the Wedding!


The concept of weddings in the desi society is pretty much the same for years. A woman is asked to change herself, change the habits of her lazy husband, take charge of the household and what not.

Basically, desi aunties will always scare you to death by the idea of marriage, but then they will also encourage you to get married like ASAP!

I Mean…Sis…What Do You Want…

Anywayyyyyy, so if you are someone who is already married or someone who is about to get married (good luck, you need loads of it), here are some pieces of advice you need to STAY AWAY from. You may hear a lot of them, but just don’t try to get them in your head, for your own sanity, please!

1. “You Will Have to Make Sure the Husband Becomes Responsible Now.”

Nahi mtlab, are women babysitters or what? Marry a son off only when you are certain he is capable of handling HIMSELF first, let alone another person.

2. “Now That You Are Getting Married, Learn How to Look After Your Home Because That Will Be Your Responsibility Now.”

There is not a single book or law in the world that limits JUST the women to household chores or looking after the children. It is his home, his children – why can’t he get involved AS WELL?

If a woman works and brings the money home along with her working husband, why can’t a husband contribute to the environment of the house?

Just stop preparing the woman and NEVER the man, please.

3. “You Can Always Have Kids Soon to Ensure the Husband Becomes Responsible.”

Why does it always have to be something that a woman, specifically a wife in this situation does to ensure her husband becomes a MAN? Can you not teach him how it is done?

4. “Take Over the Kitchen Soon, his Mom May Be Tired By Now.”

Why is that only when you are married and bring another woman home, it is then you realize that the mother has served all her life and is tired of cooking? Why can’t you remember or care for that before, especially when you have had daughters of your own? Jeez!

Remember, you are a human with your own worth and respect. Shouldn’t be treated as a maid or a caretaker of a man. Know this, please! Desi aunties can keep their pieces of advice to themselves because this is not going to happen anymore.

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