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Soha NaveedMay 21, 2018

Ladies, Here Are the Most Eligible Princes Still Available For Marriage!

Now that Prince Harry is off the market (like we ever had a chance there), we are looking for someone ...

Mahnoor AslamMay 18, 2018

Veena Malik Shares Something Very Heartbreaking And People Are Extremely Saddened By The News

Veena Malik, the ever so “controversial” celebrity just announced that she has parted her ways from her husband. Veena Malik ...

AribaMay 7, 2018

Sajal Aly Is Tying The Knot Very Soon And Her Fans Seem Very Surprised!

Who could it beee?? The internet was taken by surprise when the news of Pakistan’s heartthrob, Feroze Khan getting married ...

Mahnoor AslamMay 3, 2018

Faryal Makhdoom is Killing Everyone With Her Looks Just One Week After Giving Birth

Frayal Makhdoom the controversial couple famous for it’s controversial tweets. How can we forget that?! Just before Faryal’s pregnancy was ...

Mahnoor AslamApril 13, 2018

Here Are 5 Surprisingly Simple Ways You Can Prevent Having Conflicts in Marriage

People like to believe that married life is all hot and happening but in reality, it’s cold and shaking! Conflict ...

Soha NaveedApril 13, 2018

Zainab Abbas’s Epic Response to “Shaadi Kab Karo Gy?” Is Something You Need to See!

“Shaadi kab Karo gy?” – a commonly asked question from a Pakistani girl, especially when you are of the age. ...

Mahnoor AslamApril 11, 2018

People Are Criticizing Humaima Malick for Her Latest Photo With Her New Bhabi and It is Not Okay!

Alizey Fatima, wife of Feroze Khan doesn’t belong to the showbiz industry. But now, after the wedding is all over ...

Mahnoor AslamApril 9, 2018

Sajal Aly Opens Up About How She Feels About Marriage And People Are Shocked!

From last 20 days, the internet is busy scrolling through the photos of Feroze Khan’s wedding. The festivities had people ...

Soha NaveedMarch 30, 2018

5 Reasons Why Couples Break Their Relationship Before Getting Official!

Being in a relationship is all fun and rainbows before you start being actually committed to someone – committed enough ...

AnonymousMarch 27, 2018

This Guy Shares Heartbreaking Details of His Two Failed Marriages and How He was Left Stranded Every Time

In this society, it is very difficult to comprehend that as a man, you also get hurt, by someone you ...

AribaMarch 19, 2018

Here are the “Exclusive” Details of Feroze Khan’s Wedding that have been Finally Revealed!

We know, we know, not too long ago, we surprised you guys with the news of the famous Pakistani heartthrob, ...

Soha NaveedMarch 15, 2018

4 Must-Not-Listen-To Marriage Advice Desi Aunties Give You Before the Wedding!

The concept of weddings in the desi society is pretty much the same for years. A woman is asked to ...

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