Here Are 6 Psychogical Ways To Help Attract Women In A “Shareefana” Way


To all the men out there who think that they know exactly how they’re supposed to present themselves when it comes to impressing the ladies, we hate to say this but, you might have it all wrong and just to make sure whether you’re on the right track or nah, we have collected some amazing psychological facts that might help you in attracting a woman.

Generally, a very common misconception men hold is that, in order to impress a lady, all you need is a nice car, a little grooming and of course a huge load of cash in the bank and the wallet. Heck no!

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All of the men reading this right now, take a seat, grab a pen and a notebook or just open your notes app on phone and start writing down the do’s and don’ts of getting a woman.

1. Present yourselves in the most positive way possible

Yes! The very first thing that we notice is your personality. Always remember that we may seem all quiet at first, but it’s actually our observing phase where we try to analyze what type of a guy we’re dealing with and how he tends to remain positive about anything and everything no matter what is thrown at him.

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We don’t like men who are always depressed and cranky about how things are getting shitty af at home. Yes, we do like to talk about it at times and even understand quite well as we go through the same things on a daily basis, but there’s a right time to talk about these things and you need to figure out when!

In short, we prefer men who are active, smart and confident!

2. Your body language matters!

Height may matter to some, but above all, its all about being confident. We like men who stand tall with confidence, not dheelay and quiet.

Try standing firmly with a welcoming posture and most importantly, try maintaining a good eye contact. Now by this, we don’t mean to say that we want you men to just start tarafying us with eyes full of hunger and not looking away…Please! we hate this habit of staring.


Do look at us…but break the eye contact by looking away instantly when we take notice of your nazren, this way we’ll feel safe and comfortable hanging around with you even more.

3. Use Reverse Psychology with us.

Reverse psychology is basically when you tell someone that the particular thing you have your eyes set on is actually quite difficult to get. For instance, you and your girlfriend have mutual friends, so try sending one of them to her and fill her ears in by saying that he’s quite a difficult person, not even his mother can’t handle him at times.

Trust me, if she’s really into you, she’ll accept that as a challenge and try winning his heart at any cost.

Psychological Hacks To Attract Women

4. Try wearing Red color more often.

Yeah…sounds strange but it’s actually true. Very commonly heard that red should be worn by women who want the best of men’s attention, but psychology says that men should also wear red or any bright color that goes well with their skin tone.

This brings positive energy, passion, and love in our eyes for you all in all.

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Hope all these tricks help you guys out! Have more to add in? Let us know in the comments down below.

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